From: Adrian on
Keith <keith(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much like they were

> I think we'd all have to admit that we've speeded at some time

Frequently. For no good reason at all.

But - and this is the big difference - if/when I get a tug, I don't
whinge. It's my own daft fault, and I've "got away with it" many, many
times in the past.
From: Brimstone on
Dr Zoidberg wrote:

> To pass a test you are supposed to be a competent driver and not a
> beginner , and one of the things that you are supposed to show is
> that you can drive in a confident fashion and not be excessively
> cautious

The DSA says it slightly differently.

"The examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving."

From: Dr Zoidberg on
"M............" <mmmmmmtheobvious(a)> wrote in message
> Following up to Dr Zoidberg
>> To pass a test you are supposed to be a competent driver and not a
>> beginner
> how can you not be a beginner?

Let's see....

Try "having lessons and practicing to improve the standard of your driving"
before taking a test?


"I laugh in the face of danger , then I hide until it goes away"

From: AndrewR on
On Sep 19, 5:31 pm, "M............"
<mmmmmmtheobvi...(a)> wrote:

> i woudlnt mind a bike, no front number plate, I could do 100 on NSL
> roads......

If you go past a camera van the operator, having determined that
you're speeding, can make a note of your reg number and that is,
apparently, sufficient evidence to do you.

Of course that means that, if you're speeding when you spot the van,
the incentive is to wind it on as hard as possible to get out of
visual range before the operator can make a note of your number - so
not necessarily a great boon to road safety.

Plus, of course, you've still got to watch out for rear-facing
cameras*, marked and unmarked cars and blokes in day-glo with

* And there was a thing lasy year about a biker who'd been done by a
front-facing camera that he went past every day and waved at -
eventually the police tracked him down based on the model and colour
of his bike and the design of his leathers and banned him - presumably
losing him his job as a bus driver in the process.
From: Graz on
On Sat, 20 Sep 2008 06:51:51 +0100, "Road_Hog" <nospam(a)>

>"Graz" <graz(a)> wrote in message
>> On Fri, 19 Sep 2008 17:28:52 +0100, "M............"
>> <mmmmmmtheobvious(a)> wrote:
>>>Following up to Adrian
>>>>> but not if its snowing, pouring, a bus load of kids are unloading,
>>>>> theres a queue to a boot fair in total confusion etc etc, hence its not
>>>>> a target but the maximum.
>>>> No, it's a target - but with the caveat that conditions may dictate a
>>>> lower speed.
>>>given you are not supposed to drive beyond it but are encouraged to drive
>>>below it, "limit" is clearly the right word. Target would be better suited
>>>to a figure that you missed by equal amounts on either side.
>>>i would have thought etc.....
>> See? Didn't I tell you the dickheads such as Adrain referred to
>> "speed targets"?
>Go and talk to a traffic officer, one in his forties or older. One that was
>taught in the days before political correctness. Ask him to explain the
>meaning of "making progress". It is a term that has a specific meaning not
>just a generic term. Then when you know what you are talking about, come
>back and tell us what he said.

I already know what making progress means. In a 30 zone it means
going at 40 or more. Try doing that during a driving test. Then,
when you have, come back and tell us what happened.

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