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jonz wrote:
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>> No, I don't blame police for chasing a lunatic driver in a stolen
>> car.
>> I blame Justin Charles Williams for being a good-for-nothing.
>> I blame his parents for not sticking together and raising their boy
>> to be a civilised man.
>> I blame his friends and relatives for praising in him what they
>> should condemn.
>> After them, I blame the schools and welfare officials for not
>> grabbing Williams when he was young and already dangerous, and trying
>> to make him straight, rather than turn him loose on our streets. I
>> blame the courts for giving him more chances than he ever planned to
>> take, and leaving him free to steal yet another car for his last
>> deadly drive.
>> I blame all of us for creating a culture which tells the feckless
>> there's no dishonor in leaving your children, or in betraying your
>> more solemn duty to your spouse.
>> I blame all of us for killing shame, and for kicking to pieces the
>> stern guides of tradition and faith that the brainless badly need in
>> their trackless lives.
>> I blame the "reformers" who stripped our courts and police of their
>> once intimidating authority.
>> I blame a government which throws money at the shiftless and funds
>> incivility.
>> And I blame those who, when a crook crashes and burns, blame first
>> those few who at least tried to hold him to account.
Isn't it madness that a serial degenerate criminal gets 2nd
chance after 2nd chance, but Lewis Hamilton does a squealy
(or some reports have it as a donut), and loses his car and
gets a huge fine. If it was a donut, then Hamilton deserved
what he got. But what kind of society do we have where it is
worse to do a burnout than to steal a car? I'd hazard a
guess that half the population have paid more in speeding
fines than this arsehole ever (actually) paid in fines. It
is pure and simple madness what our legal system has become.
It makes criminals out of people going about their everyday
business, and gives 2nd chances to the real criminals.

Williams (and anyone who steals a car or other mid to high
value item) should have been given a gaol sentence for his
first car theft, should have been given a longer gaol
sentence for his 2nd, and if he hadn't learnt by his third
he should have been hanged as it was clear he was always
going to be a pestilence to society.

I guess God/Karma/Fate (or whatever else you want to call
it), sometimes gets it right, and used the opportunity to
give 2 career criminals the penalty they deserved. The only
shame is that the women were probably innocent, and the baby
definitely was.

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