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A few more computer issues/glitches here in the making?
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Milton wrote:

> A few more computer issues/glitches here in the making?

That's the thing about these vehicles. They'll never make it to
market. If you take all the responsibility away from the driver, in the
event of a crash (and there WILL be crashes), it can't possibly be the
passenger's fault.

Liability will fall to the manufacturer, and while this many simplify
things a bit for the owner/passenger, it will ensure the manufacturer
remains as broke as broke can be.

The way to make this viable, is if the vehicle in question goes so
slow, and is padded so any "collision" is damped to the degree that
under normal circumstances, there will be no damage, and thus no liability.

However, in that case, the owner/passenger will have to be happy with
would would essentially be a very fancy, very expensive, very padded
electric bicycle.

With cities sprawling as they are, the idea is to create a form of
transport where you can move farther distances in faster times. Are
they trying to tell us we should be moving around *less*.
Pffft. Welcome to real life, things work a little differently around
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