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Crash Lander wrote...

> How do Limo's get by then?

Dunno. Maybe the limo operators are starting to worry. Or maybe they'll apply
for, or already have applied for exemptions.

I haven't seen a limo in a while but are the driver's cabin windows tinted or is
it only the ones in the back that are tinted?

If the latter, then it would be the same as any van or truck that's out there
which don't allow drivers a clear view of outside of the vehicle from behind the

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"John_H" <john4721(a)> wrote in message
> (who'd risk two brushes with the law on the same day). ;-)

Considering the number of people fined for speeding or DUI twice in the same
day, apparently quite a few!


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On 29/06/2010 10:51 PM, Noddy wrote:
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>> Never had one so I could be wrong but I vaguely remember someone telling
>> they also got a fine for driving an unroadworthy vehicle.
> It's a gray area.
> You can be unknowingly driving an unroadworthy vehicle, such as one with a
> taillight not working for example, and while you'd be stiff to get a canary
> for it that hardly deserves a fine. The subsequent costs of getting the
> canary removed is more than enough punishment for a 3 buck taillight globe.
> However, you can get fined for knowingly driving a dangerous vehicle, such
> as one without working brakes for example.

I remember my old man getting fined for having a blown headlamp globe
but he didn't get a canary.
That was at least 40yrs ago (he's been dead almost 20yrs) so the rules
have probably changed since then.

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George W Frost wrote:

> Most road users and it seems to be more prevalent in Queensland, seem to
> have the idea they have the right to barge in whenever they like

The problem stemmed from when the merging law was changed
it was for the situation where two lanes merge to one and no dividing
line is present, the law states that you must give way to the vehicle
ahead, no matter what lane it is in

The more dense population took this to mean that ANY merge
and for a while I spent a lot of time correcting people
at the same time the law regarding lines on the road denoting a certain
sigh(stop-solid line and Giveway-broken line)in the case of the sign
missing or not practical to place a sign there

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>> Marts wrote:
>>> So, if you have had tinting done, or expect to get it done, it might
>>> pay to ask the question about this.
>> How do Limo's get by then?
>> Many cars have all windows tinted, except the drivers onde, and the
>> windscreen.
>> Crash Lander
>> --
> There was a rule a while ago, where the windscreen could not be tinted
> apart from the sun screen at the top,
> the front driver and passenger windows were allowed to be tinted, but only
> to a certain degree, could be 25 or 30%
> The rear windows behind the fdriver, were alloweed to be tinted to
> whatever you wanted,
> They could be blacked out if you wish, as in a panel van.
> I had a Fairlane with the rear passenger windows coated with a heavy black
> plastic with tiny little holes in it, enough to see out, but black enough
> for anyone on the outside not to be able to see who or what was in the
> back seat, which pissed off a copper one day he stopped me, he peered in
> trying to see, the window was down about two inches and I had my trusty
> female German Shepherd in the back, who immediately she saw someone trying
> to steal her car, lunged at the copper and his khaki jodpurs would have
> had an extra line of brown leading from his crotch
As far as I know George, that is still the rule here.