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John_H wrote:
> Marts wrote:
>> Then a copper called in. He said that he was a former accident
>> investigator. He said that in 20 years in the job he never found the
>> cause, or underlying cause of any crash was down to excessive
>> tinting. But then, given how they often cite "speed" as the main
>> cause of all of our woes, this too has to be taken cautiously.
> Actually crash investigators find only a relatively low percentage of
> crashes are caused by excessive speed (not necessarily speeding).
> GovCo spin does the rest.
> OTOH failing to give right of way is a major cause... how many of
> those couldn't see the other vehicle is probably anyone's guess! :)

If you are driving to conditions, as you should, that is irrelevant, unless
excessive speed is a factor ;-)

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"jonz" <fj40(a)> wrote in message news:4c2efc71(a)

> it`s all to do with that special "noddy charm" that you exude
> *everywhere* you go....people react accordingly .....adjust or put up with
> it Dickus...............

Just to clue you in Cletus, I was recounting an experience. Not complaining
about it.