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> >But you have to remember that the US drivers have TWO pedals to choose from,
> >unlike us over here where we have (usually) three, so there's bound to be
> >confusion  :-)
> Three pedals? No way. We have non of those in the USA.
> (Sarcasm Off)
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He's referring to the CLUTCH in a manual transmission car. Know what
a manual is??

"Not proud to be an American"
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On 2010-07-15, C. E. White <cewhite3(a)> wrote:

> Apparently incompetenet and stupid U.S. Citizens are attrated to Toyotas.
> Otherwise why were there so many complaints of sudden accelertions realted
> to Toyota products sent to NHTSA back in 2005 (well before all the
> publicity)? And why are there so few sudden acceleration complaints logged
> against GM products? Surely incompetenet and stupid U.S. Citizens puchase GM
> products. As far as I can tell, Buick is still the choice of the older
> generation (well either that or an Avalon).

If you're looking for a reason, Japan's engineering culture (like
that of the Germans) isn't one that that traditionally panders to the
incompetent. GM, being an american company, would have an engineering
culture that panders to the incompetent thanks to their legal
department. Basically the incompetent are safer in a GM product than one
imported from Japan.

The Corvair is a good example of how GM was taught to make it's products
such that they were safe for the incompetent. The Corvair's handling was
not all that different than other cars of that layout of that era.
Perhaps a bit behind the learning curve of other makes, but it was GM's
first. In any case the car handled differently than what people were
used to and it was the car that was considered 'unsafe' rather than the
drivers' failure to realize they weren't driving the same old rear drive
front engine chevy any more. GM learned not to 'confuse' american car
buyers this way again.

Also keep in mind that GM etc have been losing market share to Toyota.
So those who had been buying Buicks suddenly buy a Toyota. They go to
drive the toyota the way they drove their buicks and errors are made
because of closer pedal placement or other things that aren't wrong but
simply different.

Not to say there isn't a software problem or other issue in the toyotas
of course, just reasoning for why it could be in absence of one.

From: High Plains Thumper on
Ashton Crusher wrote:
> Henry wrote:
>> Many other makes have been suspected of having the "problem", too.
>> If someone can't figure out that they should put the shifter in
>> neutral I can easily see them stepping on the wrong pedal.
> I'm sure that pedal confusion happens but that still doesn't explain
> why there are so many more instances in Toyota's in the past few
> years. Whether the cause is physical or electrical or psychological
> or some combination has not been figured out but there is clearly a
> difference between the pre-electronic throttle Toyotas and the
> post-electronic throttle Toyotas as well as a clear difference in
> the number of occurrences in Toyotas compared to other brands..

I had a Nissan Avenir station wagon (Infiniti G3 to some), which it was
easy with my wide feet to accidently press the accelerator pedal and
brake at the same time. They were spaced close enough and the depth
separation from brake and accelerator were not that great, that my right
foot could engage both.

So in an emergency situation, I might understand what could be happening.

Best thing is to never put one's self in a situation where it spells for
an emergency. Some people operate their cars in such a manner that
spells for an accident waiting to happen.

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On Jul 17, 7:19 pm, Dave Head <rally...(a)> wrote:
> Yeah - when a retired State Highway Patrol officer can't control his
> car, there's something worth looking at.  No, you'll never convince me
> he was on the gas instead of the brake.  He was on the brake, and the
> car ran away. There's no other possibility with such a man.

Heh. You need to meet a few more Highway Patrolmen.

Some few of them can't drive worth beans.

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Beav <beavis.original(a)> wrote:

> Ahh, you've seen the Youtube clip of the geezer who rides out of a dealer on
> his brand new Hrley and rides straight (he didn't know how to turn) into a
> parked car on the other side of the road.

One of my favourites in the 'Total Dumbfuck Rider' list.

Narrowly beaten by this one (funnier, because there are two of them). An
oldie but still a goodie.

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