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From: "Mungo "Two Sheds" Toadfoot" on

"Arty Effem" <ignoring(a)> wrote in message
>> I've got one of those pressure kits which keeps the
>> reservoir topped up and pressurized using a tyre at 15psi, no pedal
>> pressing needed :) Also I'd have thought no real risk of air getting
>> back in through the bleed nipples so I'm confused.
> When using one of those, it's important to ensure that the fluid
> doesn't become aerated. Shaking the can before pouring out the fluid
> is a common mistake, however when the fluid is poured into the
> pressure bottle, it's difficult to avoid air being introduced in the
> form of tiny bubbles that rise very slowly. Having filled the pressure
> bottle and connected it to the master cylinder, I wait about 30
> minutes before bleeding the system.

That makes sense, and I'd never considered it before. Something else to file
away upstairs for future use!


From: Peter Spikings on
On 31 Mar, 16:59, "Mrcheerful" <nbk...(a)> wrote
> to establish which wheel or wheels have the problem clamp the flexible brake
> pipes and see whether and when the pedal travel improves.  Almost certainly
> there is air in the system.

This was the problem! Wasn't anything to do with how I did it though,
there was a spilt in the rubber tube I was using to bleed them, one of
the rear wheels had lots of air in the line.

Now we've gone onto the Ka... managed to shear off a bleed nipple :
( I've got some Ford wheel cylinders for the Fiesta handy, does anyone
know if they'll fit before I dismantle things? I don't rate my chances
of getting hold of one for the Ka tomorrow or Monday.

The Ka is 2002, the Fiesta is 2000.


From: Chris Whelan on
On Sat, 03 Apr 2010 20:36:46 +0100, Gordon H wrote:


> I thought that some bleedin' tubes used to have a non-return valve to
> stop air being sucked back when the pedal was released?

They did. And some used a piece of soft rubber tube with the end blanked
off and a slit in the rubber to act as a crude non-return valve.

Still got one in the garage from about 40 years ago...


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