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> I just changed the oil in the used car we bought during our trip to
> New Zealand. It's a 1994 Toyota Carina ED with the 3S-FE 2.0 liter
> inline 4 cylinder engine that is also in a few other Toyota vehicles
> such as the Celica, Camry, Corona and MR2.
> I took pictures of the process and wrote up a quick guide to help
> other owners.
> Here's the gallery -
> I hope some of you find it to be useful.
Hmm. They *used* to be called 1" Crescent Wrenches. Pure stupidity IMHO.

How long since the last one?

Enjoyed your pictures of The Homestead event a lot. Thanks. Shame we
don't get events like that on TV in NA like they do with Goodwood in GB.

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