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>Perhaps you could outline, in detail, what the 15000km service procedure
>actually is Ozliar? Oh, and by "detail", I don't mean just rattle off what's
>listed in your car's service manual. I mean the *procedure* that explains
>exactly what is *supposed* to be done according to the factory maintenance
>I mean, you must know, as you're certain about such a loose bolt being
>found, right?

Perhaps you could show exactly what is done and explain why a loose
suspension bolt would not be found.

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> Of find anything that you don't get, hilarious

On the contrary Ozliar, I find most of what you say extremely amusing as it
makes about as much sense as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

> Yeah...You sure are making up for it eh!
> Can'y help but comment on anything I post.

If it bothers you, and it clearly does, then consider the conversation over
as of this instant. Make no further replies and that will be the end of it.

The power is yours, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for you to
exercise it :)


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> " The principal focus was to relieve the
> customer of as much money as was humanly possible, and I'd imagine
> that to be exactly the same"

Well done Ozliar. That's exactly what I said.

There's no money in selling new cars. Selling them is a means to an end in
that with each one they sell gets a new customer into the service department
where their wallets can be raped en masse. It's the principal business
doctrine of car dealerships and it has been since the year dot.

However, exactly what this little tidbit has to do with the topic at hand is
known only to you. More of your usual irrelevant focus shifting I


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OzOne(a) wrote:

> Perhaps you could show exactly what is done and explain why a loose
> suspension bolt would not be found.

While you're waiting,

does this ring a bell?

"This group caters for vehicles with a competition history
established in the period pre-1986 in events run to
regulations promulgated by CAMS for Sports Sedans � Group B
(including Sports Racing Car Closed and GT Performance Cars �
Group D)."

And do you know this Sports Racing Car Closed mini?


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> But the bolts were coming loose and falling out.

Who said that?

The recall notice suggests that the bolts were possibly not tightened to the
correct tension, and there was no metion of them being loose and falling
out. You have a cite for this or is it just something you made up to suit

> That would have been picked up if a proper check was carried out, and
> would have been corrected in service rather than a recall.

If the bolts were actually falling out, the cars would have been arriving at
the dealerships on the backs of tilt trays :)