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> Agree if they were that loose, the customer would have noticed something
> wrong and reported it or it would have been picked up on a road test.
> I doubt that it would be as obvious as that on most vehicles so even the
> most fastidious mechanic would have no reason to look for such a fault
> and in most case it couldn't be spotted with a visual inspection.


Suggesting that checking ball joint bolts for tightness is part of the
normal service procedure is as ridiculous as suggesting that checking the
differential pinion bearing pre-load was part of the normal service


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> Unfortunately the items that require service are very clearly listed
> in the owners manuals.

They are indeed.

However, thr point you're missing is that the service schedule in the
owner's manual *isn't* the instruction book that outlines *how* the work is
carried out in detail.

> If the owner is NOT informed when he books in his car that the
> procedures are different...and is still charged for ALL the procedures
> listed in his owners manual, Then he is being defrauded.

If that was the case then they would be, but then we both know that's *Not*
what's being said here.

Nice try Ozliar, but no cigar.

> Of course it does....You are thicker than molasses!

Lol :)

From the bloke who claims he had to cut down Weber carbs on a crossflow head


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>> Yeah...You sure are making up for it eh!
>> Can'y help but comment on anything I post.
>If it bothers you, and it clearly does, then consider the conversation over
>as of this instant. Make no further replies and that will be the end of it.


OzOne of the three twins

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>> Oooh, touchy.
>> You're not liking having your own bullshit fed back to you these days I
>> see... :)
> Would like being next to Bindi Irwin but twice as annoying and going on
> about the mythical 8 port mini head. ;-)
> ---
> Regards
> Dan.
I dunno about bindi but in a couple of years I am certain she will get a
good choking just to shut her up
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> Perhaps you could show exactly what is done and explain why a loose
> suspension bolt would not be found.

Thanks Ozliar, but as expected when you're asked a direct question you avoid
giving direct answers.