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>>Of course, you can't tell us what class you raced in as you didn't keep
>>of your log books, your scruitineering paperwork
> Oh dear...You really DON'T know anything about motor racing do you.
> Logbooks are attached to the vehicle, when it changes owners, the
> logbook goes with it.
> and scrutineering papers? What are mean the ones the
> scrutineers fill out and keep, or the sticker that was attached to
> either window or roll bar?
> What's that flapping I here...Oh it's Noddy...beached again.

ROFLMAO...well said OzOne



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> See.....

I figured as much :)


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>> How long ago was that though? Free inspection isn't all that unusual
>> these days.
> Admittedly it was 20 years ago now (or a tad over), but I wouldn't
> think that all that much has changed.

You would be surprised.

The principal focus was to
> relieve the customer of as much money as was humanly possible, and
> I'd imagine that to be exactly the same :)

What on earth could you charge for at first service these days?

All the customer sees is "free", so unless you are willing to do it for free
nobody is interested especially if the coupon makes no mention of it.

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>What we're talking about here is bolts that may not be done up correctly,
>but don't have any obviously visible signs that they're not.

No Treacle brain... we're talking about checking the suspension.
Suspension that has ball joints so loosely attached to the wishbone
that they may be was mentioned in the recall notice.

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> ROFLMAO...well said OzOne


Stay out of it Woger. You don't even understand what's being discussed here
you stupid fuckwit.