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> A DECDAE of serious pain is coming, the Fed bankers and all incumbents
> must be voted out. Welcome to third-word america.

Who you gonna replace them with? Even if an honest man is elected, he
quickly sees he can make millions of $ every year by selling his vote
to Business and that's what he does.

We need physical violence against our congresscriminals and when the
attackers are tried, juries should employ jury nullification and
acquit the guilty. Only that will stop the bribing of congress.
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> brad herschel wrote:
>> Our government is rapidly becoming totally unworkable.
> Have fun listing the govts that have been more viable for longer.
>> I personally feel that the sooner it dissolves the better.
> More fool you.
>> The economy will continue to decline,
> Nope, you watch.
> Yes I will watch
>> we make almost nothing to export.
> Pig ignorant lie. The US has always had exports as only a small part of
> its total
> GDP and the US just happens to be the top manufacturer in the entire
> world.
>> The rebuild will be painful
> There wont be any rebuild.
>> but it will be workable.
> It already is.

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> > Truth: Millions of Americans will NEVER work again..
> I'm one of them and I'm loving it.
> snicker.

I planned and saved for my future. I am over 70 and living
My parents raised us post 1930s depression with a good sense of
We survived the 1958 recession and a few others withiout suffering.
My total inheritances have been about $40k.
I stayed at home when paying off my first car loan ($2000) and cut
back a bit on the next ($4000).
The people two generation down the line will get my "estate", but I
will have led a semi-comfortable life witth only one new car,(on which
I put 240k niles), no wide-screen TV *and no world cruises (excluding
those on ships with grey paint and 5" guns.).
The best thing I inherited was a sense of reality from my windowed, at
age 54, Mom.)

* I don't like basketball players that look like linemen.
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brad herschel wrote:
> Truth: Millions of Americans will NEVER work again.. 41 minutes
> ago ...and why should they?

You mean when they can get "jobs" as bureaucrats instead?