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OzOne(a) wrote:
> On Wed, 09 Jun 2010 19:52:10 +1000, Kev<kevcat(a)> wrote:
>> Anyone know how much difference can be tolerated by ABS systems(BA ford
>> ute)with tyres of different diameters
>> Front has 235/45/17, rears 245/45/17(may be going to 255/40/17)
>> when these wheels were on the sedan it never was a problem but fitted to
>> the ute I think it may be the reason for ABS activating on good dry road
>> under moderate braking, doesn't happen often though
>> Also does the BA ute have adjustable loaded brake bias like Jap utes
>> Kev
> It'll make absolutely no difference to the ABS.
> Problem is weight distribution in the ute.

yeah there needs more on the back

New tyres fitted, smaller diameter that the old ones, 100kph now shows
105kph on the speedo(was 101 before)