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Auto lights and wipers a year on
On 6 July, 13:18, Chelsea Tractor Man <mr.c.trac...(a)> wrote: Auto wipers I have found the auto wipers great if you leave them off till you decide wiping is due, then let them get on with it. Auto lights I was driving along and hit bank of sea fog rolling in, I put the fogs on. Fine. ... 13 Jul 2010 14:17
20mph when lights are flashing
I have noticed a number of these signs and lights appearing near schools recently. What an excellent system. We need more forward-thinking like this. I'm also in favour of the French system where speed limits are reduced on some roads when it's raining. ... 6 Jul 2010 16:44
electric road transport
Environmentalists want people to use electric vehicles and yet they also complain when new power stations are being proposed. Going by this report, there isn't enough generating capacity to support a massive increase in the use of electric vehicles and so new power stations will be needed in addition to replaci... 15 Jul 2010 16:35
Italian Tuneups
Do they really work? My 15 year old Honda is now getting less mpg than it did last year. It usually only does short journeys and sometimes is parked up for 6 weeks at a time. Would giving it a good blast (at full throttle) one night/early morning for say 50 miles on the M1 do it any good? Cheers Adam... 9 Jul 2010 19:30
One for Doug
Apparently some Lexus (offshoot of Toyota) models have a fault that may cause the engine to stall or run erratically. A recall is being arranged to fix the fault. I just thought I would get in before Doug comes out with another ... 13 Jul 2010 19:47
Severed arm' brings m-way to halt
I just had to larf at this; Bod ... 13 Jul 2010 18:41
Speed bumps
Do residents get the chance to oppose speed bumps or do they simply appear? ... 6 Jul 2010 12:19
One in 10 UK roads are 'high risk'
Most of the higher-risk roads are in north-west England, Yorkshire and the Humber and the East Midlands, while Scotland has the highest risk rating of all the regions. Bod ... 6 Jul 2010 06:50
UKs most dangerous roads Half of all fatal road crashes occur on one-tenth of Britain's roads, according to charity the Road Safety Foundation. Its report, covering 28,000 miles of A-roads and motorways, says Scotland has the highest risk highways, followed by parts of northern England. I... 8 Jul 2010 21:31
Flying car
The Terrafugia Transition, closest thing to a flying car yet built, has received a unique exemption from the US government allowing production models to be 110 pounds heavier than a normal "light sport aircraft". This will permit the car/plane combo to satisfy safety requirements when driving on roads. h... 29 Jun 2010 15:14
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