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which age group are dangerous?
For those who think its older drivers who are dangerous the IAM comment that older drivers are "considerably safer", the 8% of drivers who are over 70 contribute to 4% of injury accidents while the 15% of drivers who are under 30 contribute to 34% making young drivers 4 times as dangerous as old. The IAM are also w... 10 Mar 2010 05:20
"HELP US PUT a stop to pavement parking"
From the latest 'Street Lifre' Spring 2010 by Living Streets. "There are 28 million cars on our streets, and 90% of the time they will be parked. As car ownership has increased, so to has the pressure for car parking spaces, resulting in an increasing number of vehicles being parked illegally on our pavements. A... 7 Mar 2010 15:13
The motorway
In view of some current topics this seemed appropriate. A motorway walks into a pub one day. He goes up to the bar and orders himself a drink. He just sits down when in walks a strip of tarmac. The motorway sees the tarmac and starts to panic so he jumps over the bar and ducks down so it won't see him. The ... 9 Mar 2010 17:00
"If you don't move I'll run you over".
It happens all over the world and seems to be tolerated by police despite the deliberate intent. Is there an unspoken special dispensation for drivers against cyclists? "...Friday evening, they corked the intersection of Peachtree St. and Eighth. One motorist strongly took exception. "You can't go through a red ... 9 Mar 2010 04:35
Polish Bus Drivers
LOL. How very true and a good idea. ... 27 Feb 2010 14:23
Ease of bulb replacement in modern cars!
I recently had a dipped headlight bulb fail on my Citroen C5. Unfortunately within 24 hours, and before I could replace it, the second dipped headlight failed. As it was at night and my car has no foglights, I had no choice but to call out the AA. The AA man said that with modern wiring systems, it is quite commo... 11 Mar 2010 14:38
The 'Doug' model of the Bollen Corporation has been found to be faulty, there is a major problem with it's 'reality grasp'. A fault also seems to exist in it's 'common sense module' causing the 'paranoia' circuit to function at the wrong time. All owners of the 'Doug' model are asked to contact the manufactures as... 18 Feb 2010 04:00
Merging from slip roads into traffic on motorways
It's such a simple thing to do. Correct Method: Match your speed on the slip road approximately to the speed of traffic travelling in lane 1 and then choose an empty slot to move into. Incorrect Method: Match your speed on the slip road, drive parallel to a vehicle already in lane 1 and then try to merg... 28 Feb 2010 19:00
Going to Work
After serious thinking Tim wrote : This will get argued all ways but personally I think swapping lanes on roundabout like this *as* you're exiting is a bad idea because it easy to end up cutting someone up in your nearside blindspot. So you make absolutely sure there is nothing in your blind spot before ... 6 Mar 2010 09:41
A driving question for a change!
Your on the motorway, lane 1. You are going exit at the next junction. The exit slip road is two lanes as you leave it leads to a roundabout and you intend to take the third exit at the roundabout (Turn right effectively). Clearly you need to be in lane 2 of the slip road on the approach to the roundabout. Is ... 17 Feb 2010 00:50
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