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Lorry Drivers Please Service Your Vehicles!
What's so hard with the maintenance of these vehicles? I'm starting to get sick and tired of finding the reason I've been stuck in traffic for an hour is due to a broken down lorry. It's all I every hear on the traffic report."Delays due to a broken down lorry". T Raymond ... 13 Aug 2010 19:06
Electronic overhead sign used as advertising
Driving down the M90, approaching the Forth Road Bridge from the north side yesterday and one of the new(ish) overhead electronic signs appeared to be carrying an advert!! I have forgotten the product, but it said either "RedEx is mandatory" or "RainX is mandatory". I've never seen an advert on one of these si... 13 Aug 2010 13:37
Toyota problems down to drivers...
It was a panic that sparked the worldwide recall of eight million cars. But the crisis over faulty accelerator pedals at Toyota may not have been nearly as bad as feared, an official report has claimed. The US Transportation Department's probe into the incident has found that in more than half the cases drivers w... 12 Aug 2010 03:54
Jensen reborn?
Good news for sports car enthusiasts, Jensen cars have Intercepted a major cash injector. <http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/transport/7931951/Carphone-founder-joins-Jensen-board.html> ... 11 Aug 2010 06:03
middle-class anti-social behaviour
"I'll do as I like and stuff everyone else" seems to be the gist of this interview. I think she makes some valid points. <http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/7933708/Julie-Spence-interview-Why-thin-blue-line-borders-on-anorexic.html> "Mrs Spence has been critical of Theresa May, the Home Secretary, for... 12 Aug 2010 07:09
outlawing road racing would have saved many lives this year
On Aug 7, 10:33 pm, "Just zis Guy, you know?" <guy.chap...(a)spamcop.net> wrote: On Sat, 07 Aug 2010 17:42:10 +0100, Jim A <j...(a)averyjim.myzen.co.uk> wrote: On 08/07/2010 09:27 AM, Mrcheerful wrote: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2010/08/07/race-cyclist-deat.... another needless dea... 10 Aug 2010 14:45
Gatsos on the motorway
I entered a 50 zone on the motorway, I was cruising along at about 60-65mph waiting for a SPECS camera before slowing down. Then I noticed markings on the road for Gatso cameras, I didn't slow down in time and went through at about 65mph. I looked in my side mirror and saw that there were indeed unpainted Gatso... 12 Aug 2010 19:13
Accident Claim Management
I was involved in an accident earlier in the week. Nobody was injured but my car sustained serious damage when a numpty exited a junction too early and ran across the back of my car tearing off the rear bumper and smashing the light cluster on the driver's side. I'm fully comp with More Th>n and I phoned them... 6 Aug 2010 11:37
Drink-drive deaths at record low
The number of people killed in road accidents caused by drink-driving has fallen to an all-time low, provisional government figures show. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-10883114 Bearing in mind these impressively low figures, why on earth is there a call to lower the DD limit? Are drivers expected to behave li... 7 Aug 2010 06:08
Poo-powered' car seen on the streets of Bristol
Is biogas the panacea to our future fuel problems? Or is it just *hot air*? :) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-10881080 Bod ... 6 Aug 2010 05:01
Nexen tyres
I'd never heard of them, yet my 75 came already fitted with them. I have no clues as to their life yet, they were near new when i got it, however no matter how hard I have tried - at public road speeds in the wet or dry I have not come close to being able to unstick it. I could unstick my P6000's on my previou... 8 Aug 2010 12:21
What's wrong with these people, power crazed?
I can't remember the last time I saw such an over the top reaction. It's a wonderful example of how some public servants think they're the masters and we are to do their bidding. There is a video on the website. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1300608/Policemen-suspended-smash-grab-raid-disabled-mans-... 10 Aug 2010 04:48
Road Casualties Q1 2010
Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: Quarterly Provisional Estimates Q1 2010 are published today: Highlights - quite good news: Figures cf year ending March 2009 Pedestrian casualties down 4% Motorcycle casualties down 4% Car user casualties down 2% Motorcycle users killed or seriously injured down... 6 Aug 2010 13:49
Vauxhall to have lifetime warranty
To maintain the lifetime warranty, owners will need to visit a Vauxhall retailer annually for a free vehicle inspection. (Must be a catch somewhere) http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20100805/tuk-vauxhalls-to-have-lifetime-warranty-6323e80.html Bod ... 9 Aug 2010 06:52
half off topic!
After converting an unleaded petrol car to LPG, can it still run on petrol or is it LPG only? I was thinking about it, but lack of LPG stations is a concern, so petrol as a backup is peace of mind. ... 9 Aug 2010 06:52
NCB insurance -a PHEW and a rant.
A week or so ago I decided RAC's increasing insurance renewal cost and their statement in the small print of the renewal - that they would renew it anyway from my provided CC details, was the last straw. So I started shopping around and got myself a much better quote. Much cheaper and it covered for more. A ... 7 Aug 2010 13:42
Petrol and 0.9p
What is the reason that petrol stations charge .9p per litre? I have not come across a single place that sells it as a whole number. ... 6 Aug 2010 06:07
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