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Sylvia Else wrote:
> On 6/05/2010 1:06 PM, Sylvia Else wrote:
>> On 6/05/2010 1:00 PM, Epsilon wrote:
>>> Sylvia Else wrote:
>>>> As an aside, at the moment, I cannot find the provision that allows
>>>> fines in respect of use of non-registered vehicles to be issued
>>>> when the use was detected by a camera - it does not appear to be an
>>>> operator onus offence.
>>> The current legislation doesn't deal with the issue, so some changes
>>> will have to be made.
>>> But it seems a straight-forward development.
>> Provided there's regulatory attention. It's always more fun when
>> there isn't and someone contests it in court.
>> Sylvia.
> However, the required attention has been paid:
> <$FILE/b2009-133-d11-House.pdf>

There you go! Presumably, the regulations will have some changes made, as

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I have a radical solution for you. get a job. pay some taxes. contribute to
the community. when was the last time you did that? have you EVER done that?
All you ever do is ask for advice along the lines of shirking your
responsibility or finding a loophole around avoiding fines, process servers
the sherriff or centerlink issues. stuff like that. show me a post of yours
demonstrating the contrary!you have a chip on your shoulder the size of
Australia and are a drain on the community. with any luck you will take some
of the dicey advice from these forums and get yourself into a legal bind so
bad we will never again see your dishonest questions

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> Can Sylvia Else &/or others assist with this...
> In his eagerness to get re-elected in NSW Parliament, NSW Roads
> Minister David Campbell has just announced that new data-matching will
> occur for Unregistered vehicles:
> and
> But how will this actually work, in practice?
> If my car becomes Unregistered, and then I lodge a "Notice Of
> Disposal" with the RTA, I no longer liable for anything to do with the
> vehicle.
> So, who will they actually send the Unregistered fine to?
> Noodle.

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> I have a radical solution for you...contribute to the community....

Here you go.

I'm contributing the Saving of Public money:
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Noodle <noodle(a)> wrote:

> Hello.
> > If you have submitted the correct disposal form them you can't be held
> > liable
> Exactly.
> So, who will this new Fine be sent to?

Been a while since I last sold a car, but dont you have to record the
buyers details on the notice of disposal?

Ie name and address, DL number etc