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> > I'm talking about a simple carb fault. When carbs where the norm a decent
> > garage would know how to strip and inspect one for flooding. Not like
> > today when they only work to fault codes.

> When I talked about the Picanto I was talking about a simple fuel leak.
> You know the sort of thing that's even more obvious than a carburettor
> with a sticking float. A fuel leak where the fuel leaks from the vehicle
> and no matter whether it is petrol or diesel it is obvious because it
> stinks and there are traces of fuel visible. If the entire Kia dealer
> network can miss this, it suggests that PDIs are the 100% effective
> system that you and Jerry seem to think they are.

A simple fuel leak won't effect the idle. If it is a leak caused by the
carb flooding, it will.
> > I'm utterly amazed you don't understand this.

> Oh, I can understand that having made an incorect declaration you're
> going to stick to repeating the same rubbish. I also know how to service
> carburettors, however the garage in question did not choose to strip the
> one on my fathers car. It's entirely possible that they decided it was
> too much like work and if they could pass the car off as "running" by
> tweaking the idle screw then that was good enough for them. Or maybe
> they were incompetent, although apparently that never happened in the
> mythical time that you believe in when garages were 100% efficient.

You stated you went back to this garage several times. Seems to me you
know f-all about carbs if you did. Or indeed garages. Although are very
good at hindsight.

> > Your father obviously did.

> My father didn't understand why the garage hadn't stripped the carb,
> that's why he did it. That and a big dollop of not wanting to pay
> someone to do a job he could do better.

Right. So it wasn't a warranty job, but he kept on going back to the same
useless garage. Some kind of masochist?

*I'm not your type. I'm not inflatable.

Dave Plowman dave(a) London SW
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"Indy Jess John" <jimwarren(a)> wrote in message
> Dave Plowman (News) wrote:
>> Any one hear 'Uncool Britannia' this morning at 10.30 on R4? All about
>> the
>> Montego and Maestro, etc. Typical journalistic knocking so rather one
>> sided but worth a listen.
> I have just got round to listening to this on iplayer.
> Interestingly, in the early 1990s I worked with someone who commuted 40
> miles each way in a 1300 Maestro. As he said at the time, it was dirt
> cheap when he bought it second hand, because nobody wanted them, but it
> had been well looked after.
> He gave me a lift on a couple of occasions. The 1300 was undergeared for
> the motorway - 65 tops or else the engine noise overcame conversation.
> But it was reliable - I can't remember any occasion when it let him down.

I had an Austin Princess 1.8HLS for some years back in the early 80's. "P"
reg, it had the usual issues with hydragas struts needing replaced but it
never actually let me down, and it was the perfect "courting machine" with
all its interior space, hahaha.

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Dave Plowman (News) <dave(a)> wrote:

> You stated you went back to this garage several times.

Well no I didn't, I stated that my father did. Presumably under the
impression that the garage that sold him the car should fix the fault.
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"Jerry" <mapson.scarts(a)btinternet.INVALID> wrote in message
> : I had an Austin Princess 1.8HLS for some years back in the
> early 80's. "P"
> : reg, it had the usual issues with hydragas struts needing
> replaced
> Liar! Of course if you actually knew anything about those cars,
> and their suspension systems, you would know why I've just called
> you a liar...

Okay fuckwit, my one and only reply to you on this particular subject. Go
look at this web address , click on the tab for
princess/ambassador then come back and tell me in simple plain English
exactly what I am supposed to be lying about. You won't because you can't -
my statement re. the Princess suspension is factually correct, I know
because I am a qualified engineer and I have replaced many a Princess strut
(unit) in my time.
Time to put up or shut up Jerry, your one and only chance to publically
redeem yourself. You won't though, you'll resort to mudslinging or factually
inaccurate statements and more lies, or false accusations of lies.
Go on, prove me wrong, IF YOU CAN, arsehole!

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"Dean Dark" <dmdrake(a)> wrote in message
: Surely, I can't be the only one who thinks that Jerry's newly
: sig is the ultimate irony...

And which hovel did you crawl out of to post that comment?...

BTW, you obviously have read any of my other comments as my usual
sig like is thus;
Regards, Jerry.

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