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Grimly Curmudgeon <grimly4REMOVE(a)> wrote:

> It's Jerry, ffs. He's only just got back out and his meds are all over
> the place.

I'm just disappointed that Dave is apparently trying to join Jerry in
taking Valium cocktails with amphetamine chasers.
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Grimly Curmudgeon <grimly4REMOVE(a)> wrote:

> We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the
> drugs began to take hold. I remember "Jerry"
> <mapson.scarts(a)btinternet.INVALID> saying something like:
> >Mr Curmudgeon, I would have thought that you at least would have
> >known how a carb worked!
> Heh.
> Probably better than you.

Apparently Jerky doesn't understand that a foreign body in the float
chamber might cause intermittent problems.
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Jerry <mapson.scarts(a)btinternet.INVALID> wrote:

> So this fault didn't show up during driving or engine idling?!...

Since I've pointed out that it showed up sufficiently for my father to
take it back to the garage to have it fixed, no that's not what I've
said or implied. However the previous owner didn't seem bothered by it.

> Firth, you're a liar, a clueless one at that.

So you keep asserting but all that you are doing is name-calling. You
can't even manage to explain your grounds for objection, but then again
it's all baseless assertion on your part.
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><stephen.hull(a)> wrote:
>> This was probably the same for other areas, ISTR our names
>> being logged to the vehicle we worked on in the paint finishing
>> shop as each car had a factory log book on who and when the
>> vehicle was worked on and amazingly who the actual intended
>> owner was in some cases.
>Easy to do with a Royce, much harder with mass-produced cars. My
>grandfather built Royce cars at their plant in Hulme before they
>moved to Crewe.

Indeed, I worked at Pyms lane in Crewe when it was Rolls Royce
Motors, now it is just Bentley Motors, however I never witnessed
or heard of any sabotage tales during the years I worked there,
but there was one report of a department manager noticing someone
dragging a toolbox across the roof and was severely reprimanded.

Also I worked in the paint finishing shop which was designed to
repaint areas that may have been damaged during assembly but
because it took three months to build one car they were all
covered in slight damage and had to be completely sprayed.

In the main paint shop the body shells were dipped but the
finishing shop (in theory) only needed to repaint minor paint
imperfections but it was easier to paint the whole vehicle than
just do parts of it.

I was surprised at the heat that each car was subjected to when
(except bumpers and chrome work) driven through the paint oven in
full trim,


Coach painting tips and techniques + Land Rover colour codes
"Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble". Henry Royce
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<stephen.hull(a)> wrote:

[snip interesting post]

> I was surprised at the heat that each car was subjected to when
> (except bumpers and chrome work) driven through the paint oven in
> full trim,

YEs, I was surprised when I had a car resprayed at the heat it was
subjected to after the respray. OTOH my current car seems to get that
hot in the sun in Italy so perhaps it's not *that* extreme compared to
what the car is designed to withstand.
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