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D Walford wrote:
> On 22/06/2010 9:55 AM, Kev wrote:
>> John_H wrote:
>>> hippo wrote:
>>>> Oh well, there's always diesel or LPG!
>>> Since you mention it... excise will be applied to LPG as from June
>>> 2011 (coincident with the removal of the ethanol subsidy).
>>> Remember also that excise indexation was abolished by the Howard
>>> Government, you can therefore expect an excise review anytime between
>>> now and then, more likely then. Any pricing anomolies between petrol
>>> and diesel are sure to be corrected... unless of course they want us
>>> to use diesel.
>>> Or, if it were politically expedient GovCo could offset the price
>>> increase due to ethanol by reducing the excise rate, but don't hold
>>> your breath since it also coincides with the beginning of the next
>>> term of government... giving the sheeple three years to forget about
>>> it! :)
>> Well I have 2 out of threee vehicles running on diesel now
>> the latest one doing excellent on it, averages just over 8L/100klm,
>> pretty damn good for a constant 4WD vehicle that weighs 2 tonne and that
>> is 30/70 split city/highway driving
> Prado SWB with a 3.0TD?
> Same engine as in my Hilux, my economy is not quite that good but it
> gets in the low 8's on the hwy, would probably be better if the tub
> wasn't full of tools most of the time.

Yep 3.0L D4D, same running gear as the LWB model but 400kg lighter

>> That motor would go even better in the ute
>> wonder how well the Toyota twin turbo V8 would go
>> 650Nm and 210Kw
> I had a short drive of a 2009 78 series GXL ute with the TD V8, saying I
> was impressed is an understatement.

and the 70 series is a single turbo engine with less than 400Nm and
around 130kw
That extra turbo and different ECU makes one hell of a difference