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Call us sadistic, but there's something undeniably hilarious about
yanking random people off of the street and plopping them into the
passenger seat of a sports car. Throw a talented race driver behind
the tiller, and you've got an unmatched recipe for entertainment.
Subaru has decided to take a stroll down that path with a slew of new
ads designed to introduce the new 2011 WRX STI sedan to the public.
The company asked rally driver Dave Mirra to shuffle a few folk around
under an overpass in the 305 horsepower turbo four-door, filmed the
whole thing and called it a day.

Subaru has unveiled a total of five 30-second spots with a variety of
regular Joes (and Janes) riding shotgun in the winged machine. The
company is calling the campaign Get More Gs, and Subaru is quick to
point out that the phrase is meant to equally focus on g forces as
much as that "oh geez" feeling you get from slinging the car through a
slalom. We see what you did there, Subaru. Hit the jump to enjoy the
videos. Now... where can we get a skull antenna topper?