From: kikovuk on
Hi to all in this group,
I need some help and advice as I've been having problems with my
Volvo S60 2.5 turbo. It is installed with an OMVL Dream XXI n system
but it has never been working OK. At first the problem was the engine
fault light keeps coming on. It seems that the problem is that the
engine is running to lean on gas and puts the short term trim value up
to +25%. Over time this goes into the long term trim value and then the
fault light, lights up again. I took the car to an LPG installer and
after few weeks of trying to sort things out and £550 spent on making
the system safe I was told that this system has got some
incompatibility with this car. The first thing which the tech guy did
was to increase the brass injector size from 2.5mm to 3.5mm which made
the car undrivable on gas, running too rich and bringing the long term
fuel trim from +25 to -16. On my next visit he played with the OMVL
software and adjusted somehow the fuel trim and were perfect on idle
but every time when accelerating the ecu lamp flashed and after few
cycles it came with P0302 error (cylinder 2 misfire). Yesterday
assuming that there is some problem with cylinder 2 the car was in the
garage for another 4 hours where new spark plugs were put in, cables
and coils were swapped, but still the same error. He measured the
compression and the results were OK too. Now, in my opinion the holes
on the injectors are now too big and it makes the car run too rich. I
managed to find new injectors - nozzles and I'm thinking of putting
them myself. I don't know how to adjust the software manually though
so I might need some help with this as it doesn't seem to be able to
change the fields in the manual carburetion. (I even have a set of
nozzles with 3.0mm whole which might be the perfect size as with the
old ones (2.5mm) the fuel trim were fixed and +25 and with the new ones
(3.5mm) was -16). The LPG Tech guy said that that is everything what
it can be done with this system and the next step will be to change the
front end of the system with Prins which is supposedly better for extra
£1000. Granted I will keep the OMVL and I can flog it on e-bay and
maybe get 200-300 pounds back. He refused to put back the original
nozzles saying that running the engine to lean can make a lot of damage
and that is why he didn't want to put the original nozzles back. He
said that running it rich is better than lean as it will damage only
the cat and the lambda but not the whole engine.
Please give me some advice as I've already spend loads of cash and
the car still is undrivable on gas.