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On Mar 29, 6:28 pm, "Garry Beattie" <gjbeat...(a)> wrote:
> Well this has certainly made for some very interesting reading I must say,
> not to mention the defamation and slander angles.
> Just to set the record straight for the others who are within this group,
> the following are the facts.
> Yes Moby did buy a fish finder off us and, as he said, it was delivered to
> him.
> Yes he did have a warranty claim which is currently being serviced. His unit
> IS being fixed under warranty right now.
> Moby had a major dummy spit because we would not replace the unit, even
> though he had had it for quite a few months.
> Yes I was happy to replace it for him (which is what we usually do) but
> Navman advised us they could not supply any more of that model.
> After a number of abusive emails where by we were accused of just about
> everything under the sun, intermixed with some very colourful language, we
> decided to end our communication with him and just send the unit back to him
> once it was repaired. This is still our plan and we do not intend swaying
> from it.
> Moby has not been ripped off, he has just had a major meltdown because we
> refused to bow to his tantrums. In fairness to Moby though, he has been fed
> the wrong information from a 3rd party which, understandably, has raised his
> stress levels.
> As far as Micheal goes, well Michael perhaps you can email us some more
> information.
> We have never, and will never, send any item COD. If the item was sent to
> you COD, and you did pay for it, then why did you not pick it up at the time
> you paid for it? That is what COD is all about.
> We are not in the market of ripping people off so if you are genuine, and
> you have not received what you paid for, please email us at the email
> address which is always attached to my post's on any newsgroup, and I will
> certainly do my best to rectify the problem.
> As for some other issues raised:-
> Yes we no longer trade on eBay as the fees are way to expensive ($7,000 per
> month) and the amount of headaches we get from unrealistic customers, just
> does not make it worth while.
> Yes our web site is down at present, but only for remodelling and
> relaunching with new products and services.
> Yes our phone has been disconnected because we moved!! We have not done a
> runner, we have simply moved to a better home.
> Yes we do run an anti spam program on our emails, which anyone can get
> through simply by verifying that they are a genuine person and not a machine
> harvesting emails. We don't pick and choose who we authorise. You do that
> yourslef and that is what Moby did.
> Yes we did have some unhappy customers over Christmas due to a major
> supplier going belly up on us and taking just over $20,000 of our cash with
> him. We have worked with those people who did order and have just about got
> everyone their product, a replacement product or their refund.
> I really do not feel comfortable discussing further details of our business
> and private life here, and will probably not respond to any more post's
> about the subject, but I am happy to talk to people in private, via email,
> if anyone else has any concerns.
> Best regards
> Garry

What about me Garry you have $1300 of mine for a navman 6500. sine
dec06 you dont email often but when you do you strech the truth. where
is my refund I "will receive shortly". NOT HAPPY GARRY!!!