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On 5/06/2010 3:45 PM, hippo wrote:
> D Walford wrote:
>> On 5/06/2010 3:15 PM, hippo wrote:
>>> Noddy wrote:
>>>> "D Walford"<dwalford(a)> wrote in message
>>>> news:4c09bcd1$0$14144$c3e8da3(a)
>>>>> Its difficult to find any performance figures for them but I did find
> this
>>>>> web site which gives figures for the XYGT (not HO)
>>>>> 0-100 6.5sec standing qtr 14.4sec
>>>> Those are actually the GTHO figures. The standard GT was a tad slower. The
>>>> XW GTHO was a poofteenth quicker at 14.2.
>>>>> RS3100 Capri 0-100 4.2secs standing qtr 13.1 which is substantially
>>>>> quicker than the XY, maybe its the model they were talking about?
>>>> Isn't the RS3100 the late model Capri like that used in "The
> Professionals"
>>>> TV Series?
>>>> I was talking about the late 60's early 70's model specifically, although
> I
>>>> wouldn't be surprised if the later ones were a damn sight quicker. The
>>>> RS2000 Escort was an *extremely* fun car and pretty quick compared to a
>>>> standard garden variety 2 litre Escort.
>>>> I can't remember where I read it, but if memory serves there was a limited
>>>> edition early model Capri out of South Africa that came standard with a
> 289.
>>>> It was known by some "animal" name like a "Mongoose" or "Viper" or some
>>>> such, and apparently was pretty quick. They were only ever made as a very
>>>> low volume thing and never available here, but a few have managed to find
>>>> their way here over the years.
>>>> As for the old original V6 Capri that we saw here years ago, I seem to
>>>> recall 1/4 mile times in the low 16's for the things. I've got a stack of
>>>> old Wheels& Motor magazines that date from the period so I'll see if I
> can
>>>> dig one out and find anything. if 16's were the kind of times they ran
> that
>>>> would certainly fit with my memory of them anyway.
>>>> --
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Noddy.
>>> RS3100 was indeed the later one. The Mk1 was the 3000GT, with the old
>>> Zephyr6/Zodiac straight 3L droppped in. Something like 8.5 0-60MPH& mid
>>> 16s for a standing quarter mile would be about right, which was still
>>> pretty good for a 3L coupe in the late 60s.
>> One article I found quoted from a Ford ad that it would reach 100mph
>> "inside 10secs"
>> Daryl
> The '69 Mk1 woud barely reach 100MPH in *30* seconds. It took 9.5 to reach
> 60MPH!

It was a car ad from more than 40yrs ago so I wouldn't expect it to be
too accurate:-)

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