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Police are investigating after a cat in southwest Edmonton was
discovered cut in half.

The mutilated cat, Remington, was discovered lying in a neighbour's
backyard, its owner Louise Gunn told the CBC.

Gunn said she came forward to warn others about the cat killer.

"My intention with taking this public was that I just wanted to make
sure pet owners knew this happened, so they could take care of their
pets and not let them suffer," she told the Sun.

"I just feel like the message has been put out there."

The cat was discovered in Edmonton's Greenfield area.

Police are looking into a report on the matter.

Edmonton Humane Society spokeswoman Shawna Randolph said she was
saddened to hear the news.

"We're always very concerned when we hear of something like this
happening," she said.

"Animals deserve dignity and respect."

She urged cat owners to leave their animals inside, or to ensure they're
tied to a leash while roaming the outdoors.

Randolph said the emergence of a cat killer has brought back memories of
a now-disbanded task force created to solve the cases of 17 cat
mutilations in 2007.

No arrests have been made in that string of attacks.