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> IF - IF that is what happened, then I agree the bloke deserved what
> happened, and deserves more.
> The story I'd heard was that it was a small amount of wheelspin as he took
> off from the lights, and my comments in this thread have been based on
> that. IOW a complete over-reaction by the police for something that was
> extraordinarily minor.
> Probably somewhere between the two is the truth.

Not having been there to witness the incident I can't tell you other than to
suggest that the report in the paper claims that the *police* allege he did
a donut burnout and fishtail up the road before being pulled over.

Whether he did that or not I can't tell you, but I'd imagine that if that
wasn't the case there were plenty of witnesses to back Hamilton's defence if
he should choose to argue the case.


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spooky24042(a) says...
> It's also illegal. wheel spin, burnouts, donuts...such an antisocial
> behaviour that deserves harsh deterrent penalties. Grow up. If
> you want to do burnouts, do them in your own driveway and leave
> black marks on that. Not on our streets.
Yeah grow up.. or send out a P plater first as a decoy.

I don't take sides.
It's more fun to insult everyone.