From: D Walford on
On 30/03/2010 2:58 PM, Dyna Soar wrote:

> You don't like a particular law? I can understand that, there are many I
> don't like. But all laws have to be obeyed while they are in force
> otherwise it's anarchy.

Then how do you suggest we get rid of bad laws?
Civic disobedience and public protest have gotten rid of lots of bad
laws in the past.
I'm not advocating that people drive in a way that is a danger to others
and in many cases the Police are justified acting harshly with dangerous
offenders but to use a one size fits all approach without considering
whether or not there is any danger is nuts.


From: Neil Gerace on
Doug Jewell wrote:

> But isn't the point of webber's comments that we are in a nanny state,
> with lots of stupid laws governing everyhting you can and can't do.

Yes, they are stupid laws. But stupid laws should apply to famous people the same as the rest of us.
From: Neil Gerace on
D Walford wrote:

> Spinning the wheels and accelerating quickly makes him a bad driver?

A good driver should be able to prevent it.
From: Noddy on

"D Walford" <dwalford(a)> wrote in message

> Do you watch ACA?

I can't speak for anyone else, but I go out of my way *not* to watch it :)

> You seem to be one of their target audience who accepts what they say as
> truth without thinking, as usual the story was blown out of all proportion
> by the media and the gullible like you soak up their every word.

So, the coppers arresting him and confiscating the car was all part of ACA's
script, was it?

He's being charged on Summons. You don't cop such a penalty for a non event.


From: Noddy on

"Neil Gerace" <grassynoel(a)> wrote in message

> You missed the point. A law, even a stupid one, should apply to all until
> it's changed. If anyone else would've been punished under the hoon laws
> for doing what he did, then he should be punished too.


In my not so humble opinion I think the bloke is a few oranges short of a
three quarter time snack if he was thinking it was an okay thing for him to
do and *not* cop any flak for it.