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On 30/03/2010 9:38 PM, Noddy wrote:
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>> Do you watch ACA?
> I can't speak for anyone else, but I go out of my way *not* to watch it :)
>> You seem to be one of their target audience who accepts what they say as
>> truth without thinking, as usual the story was blown out of all proportion
>> by the media and the gullible like you soak up their every word.
> So, the coppers arresting him and confiscating the car was all part of ACA's
> script, was it?

That comment was in response to something Clocky said, without going
back I can't even remember what it was:-)
> He's being charged on Summons. You don't cop such a penalty for a non event.

AFAIK there is no on the spot fine for "hoon" offences so even if it was
minor it still has to go to court.

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>> You missed the point. A law, even a stupid one, should apply to all until
>> it's changed. If anyone else would've been punished under the hoon laws
>> for doing what he did, then he should be punished too.
> Agreed.
> In my not so humble opinion I think the bloke is a few oranges short of a
> three quarter time snack if he was thinking it was an okay thing for him to
> do and *not* cop any flak for it.

Do the Poms have such laws?
If Pommy laws on such things are the same as ours and he knew it was a
big deal than I would agree but most sane people wouldn't think spinning
a cars wheels warranted such a furore.
Hands up those here who have never span a cars wheels, I bet I don't see
a lot of hands, I know mine won't be up especially since even a diesel
ute can spin its wheels without even trying.

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>> That is true but what I'm saying is the law is wrong and its also wrongly
>> applied especially in this case.
>> Police do have discretion with "hoon" legislation, my son was given a
>> warning when he got his AE86 a bit sideways going around a roundabout but
>> it appears that in the Hamilton case the cop was out to make a name for
>> himself.
> The cop probably had no idea who was in the car, and would have pulled it up
> regardless.

Yep but once he found out who he was all hell broke loose
>> I don't have an issue with the law if there is danger to people or
>> property but that clearly wasn't the case with Hamilton.
> So louts lining the carparks of industrial estates with rubber late at night
> is okay with you then?

Not at all but even the worst F1 driver in history actually has a clue
about how to control a car, "louts" doing burnouts usually don't.

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> Correct but in this case it seems they were applied more harshly simply
> because he was famous.

Are you *seriously* suggesting that he was treated the slightest bit
differently to how anyone else would be?

The only part of his "treatment" that was harsh as far as I could tell was
the media attention he copped, and that had nothing to do with the law or
the actions of the police. The average Joe wouldn't have been on the
receiving end of such attention, which was all the more reason for him to be
conscious of what he was doing.

> Littering is a more serious offence than what he did but I doubt throwing
> some rubbish on the ground would have created a media frenzy as there
> would be nothing in it for Vic's chief nanny (Ken Lay).

That may or may not be so, but he got what he deserved and that was the
*right* thing to do. The authorities had no choice in the matter as the
media was all over it. To have *not* prosecuted him would only serve to
ridicule the police and the law and create a media shitfight about "laws for
them and us".


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On 30/03/2010 10:00 PM, The Raven wrote:

> Remember, when a certain Victorian premier got off a speeding fine because
> of his 'German' driving experience behind the wheel of a Mercedes...
LOL, I forgot about that one, so much for the law being applied equally.