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> > I wonder what his speed was?
> >
> > Expect the unexpected. Not even London, either.
> That is how the fat ugly heroin using alcoholic DLA scrounging chavs in this
> area
> cross main roads.  They just push the pram out and hope cars will stop, even
> when they
> are 20ft from a crossing.  When the children are killed the fat slags stand
> in the street
> demanding speed humps are fitted and speeds are lowered to 20mph.
> They did that when their own neighbours were stealing cars and racing them
> about.
> They wouldn't phone the police and report people, but would complain after
> accidents.
> How about stopping unemployed, DLA scrounging alcoholic beer swilling and
> cake munching
> fat ugly women from having children.  This would stop them acting the way
> they do to
> get more benefits.  The "fat & thick gene" might vanish over time.

Oh, get out of your shell and tell us what you really think,
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> > > > > I wonder what his speed was?
> > > > >
> > > > > Expect the unexpected. Not even London, either.
> > > > I thought there was going to be a video.
> > > > I've stopped from 30 several times when a child has run out into the road.
> > > > And I mean stopped, not just swerved around him.
> > > Well done you! And at 20mph you'd probably not have been able to stop,
> > > I'll bet.
> > Why would he be unable to stop from 20 if he could stop from 30?
> Because 30 is a most holy number and 30mph is an inalienable right for
> motorists. Force them to go lower than 30 and disorder will loom.
> "Take but 30mph away, untune that string,
> And, hark, what discord follows!"
> Apparently motorists would not be able to accelerate out of trouble,
> and chaos and misrule will come again. And Gog and Magog. And we'll
> all be sorry.- Hide quoted text -
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I am a retired safety officer, NEBOSH certificate and all. that stuff
I am convinced that there would be fewer accidents if the only way for
a driver to judge speed was by looking out the windscreen and other
windows and using common sense.

I also believe tht it is not uncommon for a non-speeder to pass a

(Speeding means driving too fast for condidtions.)

That means having to take into account the car and condition thereof
as well as driver and condition thereof.

You might bring this up when you get your next RADAR ticket.
As the devce manufacturer to supply you with tthe weather conditions,
tread depth of your tires, condition of you health and mental health,
andd as many otger significant factors.
When that can't be done, ask the judge to include a finding that
"there was no safety factor involved in this case."

BTW, I had a case dismissed when I pointed out that the location was
in line with an aitport that had many peces of electronic dvices and I
would like included testamony from the aiport that there was no
leakage from any of them, with latest readings.

Case held over and never resumed.

No wonder my sister-in-law calls me "cheeky."