From: Adrian on
Halmyre <no.spam(a)this.address> gurgled happily, sounding much like they
were saying:

> I don't know about the legality but AFAIK the MOT test doesn't include
> the speedometer (or at least it didn't in 1986!)

It doesn't now.
From: Nick Finnigan on
Ret. wrote:
> Construction and Use Regs:
> 3.6. Speedometers
> Every motorcycle first used on or after 1 April 1984 and capable of more
> than 25 mph must have a speedometer which reads in both miles per hour
> and kilometres per hour either simultaneously or separately by the use
> of a switch. A speedometer which is approved to Community Directives
> 75/443/EEC as amended by 97/39/EC, 2000/7/EC or to UNECE Regulation
> No.39 is acceptable.
> A non-working speedometer is *not* a speedometer!

It is, but there is a separate reg requiring it to be in good working
order (except for pre 1937, or <25mph, or pre 1984 <100cc)
From: Harry Bloomfield on
Peter Johnson expressed precisely :
> Except that drivers using aftermarket satnavs may be driving at the
> speed indicated by the satnav not the speedo. (My car has a built-in
> satnav but I don't know whether the indicated speed is derived from
> that or not.)

I doubt it would be, because the satnav speed is only updated once per
second in. In one second your true speed can vary by a great deal and
satnav does not take into account bends in the road. Satnav is great
for checking your speedos indicated speed, but only when you maintain a
very steady speed and when driving a straight section of road.

Harry (M1BYT) (L)

From: Harry Bloomfield on
It happens that Halmyre formulated :
> I don't know about the legality but AFAIK the MOT test doesn't include the
> speedometer (or at least it didn't in 1986!)

They have no means to test them, either for function or accuracy. They
used to be able to at least test the function when they were allowed to
drive them on the road as part of the MOT - now they don't.

Harry (M1BYT) (L)

From: Dr Zoidberg on
"NM" <nik.morgan(a)> wrote in message
> My motorcycle has the casing and needle of a speedometer but the guts
> are knackered, it looks like it works and has been through the last 8
> MOT's like that. Am I to understand that I'm complying with the law by
> carrying it but there is no requirement for it to work?

No , you would normally be riding illegally.

> The rev counter works and I know exacatly where the different speed
> limits are by engine revs/gear. A new speedo for my bike is rarer than
> hens teeth, it just dosent exist.

However there was a court case involving a very similar situation where the
driver explained that he could tell his speed just as you do and he was

As for your bike - a genuine speedo may be made of unobtanium , but you
could fit any number of aftermarket devices - I had a speedo fitted from a
pedal cycle fitted to one motorbike that worked pretty well up to about 80


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