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David Nebenzahl wrote:
> On 5/17/2010 11:09 PM Brimstone spake thus:
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>>>> On 2010-05-17 14:49:42 +1000, Eva Cassidy
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>>>>> Viatology is make believe. And that dumb site is the biggest epic
>>>>> fail on the net.
>>>> Aren't you able to express yourself in plain English? Is that why you
>>>> resort to nonsensical mong speak like 'epic fail'. Do you realize how
>>>> stupid and sheep like it makes you appear when you use such language?
>>> At least "epic" and "fail" are both real English words, unlike another
>>> made-up word that appears in the topic of this thread.
>> "Failure" is also another real English word and much better suited to
>> the situation.
> So yours is essentially a grammar flame. Good work.

And yet he has no problem with using the term "mong". I guess just as
spelling flames tend to have spelling errors, grammar flames suffer from
a similar malady.

Cthulhu Saves!!! (In case he needs a midnight snack)
From: Odo Ital on
...small caucasian groups of North America.

Again, Mr Rogue-hairs insults ethnic minorities by suggesting his
"viatology" is only something caucasians do.

For shame, sir. You have shown yourself to be a racist bigot.