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"Athol" <athol_SPIT_SPAM(a)> wrote in message

> The reality is that some people see the dodgy guys as filling a real
> necessary role in the system, and won't dob them in. Hence, they will
> continue to get away with it for decades. I know of someone who used
> a dodgy place for about 6 years straight, then went to a proper place
> a month before rego was due and asked them to fix all of the stuff
> required for it to pass its pink slip... Over $2.5K later, they got a
> legit pink slip, but haven't said boo about the dodgy place, in case
> they need one again in the future.

Excellent point.


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> Correct. And if you installed a spill tray underneath it so that it
> didn't
> drip onto the ground during the inspection, it would be roadworthy in NSW.

Whoops. There goes Feral's theory *right* out the door :)

> Ditto a piece of electrical tape on the inside of the hole in the
> flexplate
> cover preventing a small rear main leak making it to the ground...

Nice :)


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On 16/05/2010 12:43 PM, atec7 7 > wrote:
> D Walford wrote:
>> On 16/05/2010 10:22 AM, Feral wrote:
>>> Daz is almost as bad, he has no idea about my driving skills either, but
>>> because he and Bighead are so elite at dealing with a possible encounter
>>> with a problem, that they have no prior knowlege of, they can deal with
>>> it and therefore *all* others should be able to as well (otherwise they
>>> are "incompetant and should hand in their licence".
>> If you think what an inexperienced driver would do in a situation
>> where they needed to stop in a hurry and at the same time experienced
>> a clutch failure what do you think would happen?
> Having taught a few to drive I know they panic and fail to stop as best
> practice

I don't disagree with that but what has that got to do with using the
>> My experience says they will hit the brakes hard resulting in the car
>> stopping in the same distance but with a stalled engine so the clutch
>> makes no difference whatsoever, if you think that's wrong please
>> explain why in technical terms and try and do without your usual snide
>> remarks.
> no need your wrong

That really explains it.
Please explain why I am wrong and what happens if you don't disengage
the clutch when braking.

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On 16/05/2010 1:44 PM, Feral wrote:

> ps: You might explain Threshold Braking to Daz (especially in the wet).
> He wouldn't believe it's better than stamping on the stop pedal (as he
> stated as "basic").

Once again you ignore the point about what difference disengaging the
clutch makes to braking whatever method you use.
If you have an explanation as to why you think it makes a difference FFS
tell us what that is.


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"D Walford" <dwalford(a)> wrote in message

> That really explains it.

Yeah, it cut you off at the knees pretty sharply, didn't it? :)

> Please explain why I am wrong and what happens if you don't disengage the
> clutch when braking.

Hope you're not holding your breath waiting for something intelligible.....


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