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> Had twin Webbers on an 8 port xflow head....only used one throat in
> each though.

Now, this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

The reason why people who ran twin Webers on a standard "2 port" Mini head
only used half of each carb was because the peculiarities of siamesed port
sharing and the physical spacing of the ports themselves made it impossible
to come up with a manifold that would allow you to use all four barrels with
any degree of efficiency. If you were using a cross-flow head which had
individual inlet ports your problems re manifolding and port sharing would
be solved. If you *then* fed the engine with only half of each carb you'd be
defeating the very purpose of using the cross-flow head in the first place.

I smell bullshit. Just like I smelled "dry sump" bullshit :)


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> Careful, old OzLiar will now come to the conclusion that you are
> "infatuated" with him.

Along with the usual "rant and rave about anything *other* than prove what
he's saying is true".

I don't want to say he's predictable, but Jesus he makes Mills & Boon
writers look incredibly spontaneous :)


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On Sat, 5 Sep 2009 21:12:52 +1000, "Blue Heeler" <woof(a)>

>Noddy wrote:
>> I smell bullshit. Just like I smelled "dry sump" bullshit :)
>Careful, old OzLiar will now come to the conclusion that you are
>"infatuated" with him.

No Doggy...It's you who hang on every word I type....

OzOne of the three twins

I welcome you to Crackerbox Palace.
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> No Dod, You claimed it wasn't done

Feel free to quote me.

> Just as you claimed that body shells weren't earmarked for race so
> received extra spot welds on the
> production line.

Indeed they didn't.

Half the time the bodies allocated to some people ended up going to someone
else or to a private buyer. The Ford factory cars were always a standard
GTHO grabbed "out of stock and then dismantled and "massaged" at the
special vehicles shed in Mahoney's road. Their bodies were stamped with the
"3999" Sido number (For Ford Australia) only after they were sent to Ford
Performance Vehicles. Prior to that no one on the assembly line would have
known who they were for and there was little point doing "extra work" to
bodies going down the assembly line as there was no gaurantee they'd end up
in the hands of the intended user.

Of course, if you have evidence to the contrary, then please feel free to
share it.

> Now you say they were seam welded???

No, that was Phill's claim.

I'm saying *some* people seam welded *some* parts of their cars in their own
workshops, and yes, it was illegal. None of the cars left the factory with
anything other than the standard GTHO body modifications.

> and that engines were specially built from hand selected parts ....
> just as I said!

Nothing at all like you said actually Oz.

Your claim that "Blueprinting" was assembling an engine by selecting
whatever parts were necessary to get the finest tolerances possible, and
this was done by some people in an effort to get a few extra horses. My
claim is that doing so is an utter waste of time as the difference in power
you could expect to gain between using the very best and very worst parts
from the factory parts bin would be so small it'd be hard to measure and
probably fall within the error margin of your average Engine dyno.

This is *not* what Ford did when building the "QC" engines.

What the QC engine program consisted of was engines being assembled by hand
with all clearances checked and recorded as the engine was put together, to
ensure it did indeed measure up and wasn't going to have a problem as soon
as it was fired. In other words, the engine got a lot closer attention to
detail during assembly compared to a normal engine on an assembly line where
the parts are thrown together and tightened with a rattle gun. There was no
selecting of the best parts from a large pile. They were just assembled to
within factory tolerance, and the "QC" program was a guarantee of that to
the buyer.


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On Sun, 6 Sep 2009 11:59:15 +1000, "Noddy" <me(a)> wrote:

>. You also don't need to run "blanking plugs". With no air
>being drawn through the "dead barrel" no fuel will be pulled out of it.
>Been there. Done that :)


We tried it but found the engine lacked pickup....decided that we did
need an accelerator pump after all ;-)

OzOne of the three twins

I welcome you to Crackerbox Palace.
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