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>> Ahh Nod...It's english...a fairy tale is just that...there is no
>> substantiation .
>> Sorry you're so slow!
>Yeah, you went straight over my head with your nonsensical ambiguity Oz.
>Do yourself a massive favour: Try to be *relevant* for just once in your

Relevant? Ambiguity?
You mean don't confuse you with very simple english?

Sorry...I'll attempt to make it more simple next time.

OzOne of the three twins

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On Wed, 9 Sep 2009 23:11:48 +1000, "Atheist Chaplain" <abused(a)>

> if everything you say is true, you are the
>most accomplished person in Australia, probably the entire Pacific rim !!

Only when compared to your associates, Fool!

OzOne of the three twins

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>> Ahhh that go around corners tend to hold oil in the top of
>> the engine...
>Cars that go around a *lot* of corners, as in continuously. You'd be
>staggered at how quickly gravity takes control once the G's move to the
>> It's the reason dry sump systems scavenge from the top as
>> well....
>*Some* systems scavenge from the top. A lot don't. Those people who aren't
>loading the top of the engine with shitloads of oil have no need.

Indeed, some do.

OzOne of the three twins

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On Thu, 10 Sep 2009 08:25:37 +1000, Jason James PCM code reading says:

> Uh huh,..Oz thinks he is only one of a few that understands why DS is
> done. What a conceited snob. DSing is employed to eliminate oil-surge
> while accelerating/braking and cornering, plus it stops the crank./rods
> from having to cut thru oil splash.
> In other engines,a : "windage" sump is used to achieve the same thing.
> Jason

Just be glad that you didn't ask about his Lancia 037. :p

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> Actually it is relevant...It relates to your ability to recall facts,
> or lack of ability to recall them correctly.

Oz, the reason why you had no oil pressure was irrelevant to me. The fact
that you could go a considerable distance with no oil pressure was
incredible :)

> Still, the Oran Park circuit as it was then was slightly less than 2km
> and half to three quarters of that is hardly "some considerable
> distance".

It's a trip to the moon with the oil pressure gauge reading zip.

> That is *ONE* of the reasons.

It's the single, most popular reason why most people use one.

> Oh I knew you'd say that..after all, You're an expert on almost
> everything.
> Far more experienced than the many people who've been building race
> engines for a living for years.

I actually built engines for a living for years Oz :)

> Oh dear...and you believe that simulates the conditions inside an
> engine!

No, I don't believe that accurately simulates conditions inside an engine. I
believe it would subject oil to *far* worse conditions than it would see in
the most severe duty applications.

Just out of curiosity, what do *you* think happens to oil inside your
average running engine?

> Oh I've had oil pressure fluctuations....usually from surge.

How do you know your oil was suffering from aeration issues?

> Couldn't have been from aeration..according to you it doesn't happen!

Nope. Again your comprehension skills lead you up the creek.

I never said it doesn't happen. I said it's rare and causes very few
problems if any.

> By being flung in there...

By being flung in *where* Oz?

> Whatever you choose to believe is OK by me.

It's comforting to know that.

> Better talk to the others Nod...the ones that use gearbox oils.

Sure Oz. Which ones did you have in mind?

> Sure Nod....

So, you ran a synchro box or a dog box?

> Hey...You're the one that constantly asks for info............

Nice try Oz but no cigar.

I ask for *details* after you've already put the basic bullshit out there :)