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> It's another benefit,,,but hey who's counting....

I don't know about your understanding of things Oz (well I have a fairly
good idea, but anyway), but if you can achieve something by significantly
simpler and cheaper means than what you can by spending a lot more money on
something that's overly complex, then it *ain't* a benefit.


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> I'm careful Nod...I built Mini engines that didn't leak as well.

Thanks for that Oz.

I was expecting you to completely avoid that question, but I didn't think
you'd be as totally lame about it as you were :)

> Actually Nod it's the people who have unfounded faith in their
> knowledge despite what experts in any field may say taht are most
> often called knowalls.

By people like you usually.

But hey, you're the type who won't question an "expert" just because he is
one, and assume you've got "issues" based on what someone you don't know
from Adam writes in a magazine article.

Two points here Oz: You have no concept of the saying "there's more than one
way to skin a cat", and you strike me as someone who thinks you can't make
something work unless you throw shitloads of money at it.

Sucks to be you I guess.


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:Yeah...and I've been flying a lot....
:Yeah...and I've been lying a lot....

Typo corrected.

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| You clearly have no idea how difficult it is to keep we clowns
| entertained! ;-)
| --
| John H

I'll be doing my annual Kamikaze clown stint next month. Don a clown suit,
add a mask as the paints melts as it is applied and ride around amongst the
crowd in temps and humidity that have me suffering heat stroke by just after
lunch. Last year I used freezer packs on my chest which worked fairly well.
Does anyone have one of those vests used by Ergon or similar with the
freezer packs built in, wouldn't mind one of those.

I get some good photos over the weekend of the show, I'll have to get some
more printed up this year.

Brad Leyden
6� 43.5816' S 146� 59.3097' E WGS84
To mail spam is really hot but please reply to thread so all may benefit (or
laugh at my mistakes)

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>> Odd that the worlds fastest mini is dry sumped eh!!!!?
> Odd indeed, but I have a couple of questions.
> Firstly, that article makes no mention of the car being the world's
> fastest Mini other than the headline which is most likely the author's
> opinion, and secondly the article makes no mention of a dry sump *at all*.
> Still, even if it did have one, that wouldn't make it the slightest bit
> faster or imply that it couldn't be as fast or reliable without it.

It's because Oz runs to Google, then quotes it without fully reading the
article. Similar to him claiming there was no Hillman Minx prior to '57.
He's read a website only to get the Minx info out of context or just plain
wrong. Anyone interested in cars would know Hillman made Minxs from a very
early time,...but not Oz.