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OzOne(a) wrote:
>On Fri, 11 Sep 2009 08:13:58 +1000, John_H <john4721(a)> wrote:
>>Jason James wrote:
>>>It's because Oz runs to Google, then quotes it without fully reading the
>>>article. Similar to him claiming there was no Hillman Minx prior to '57.
>>>He's read a website only to get the Minx info out of context or just plain
>>>wrong. Anyone interested in cars would know Hillman made Minxs from a very
>>>early time,...but not Oz.
>>First Hillman 'Minx' marketed in Oz was 1932, along with the 'Wizard
>>65' and 'Wizard 75'. Minx was the smallest model (10hp).
>>That didn't come from google, it's from a list of all cars marketed in
>>Oz pre WW2. :)
>Thanks for Googling that John....or are you really that interested in
>the Minx?

Errr, didn't google anything on this occasion... try reading what I
wrote again!

Some of us don't even mind owning up to our humble origins either, my
long departed grandfather once had a 1948 Minx.

No doubt Grandpa Oz is a far more dashing sort of chap! :)

John H
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trevor(a) says...
> Capri
Someone in a new Capri bent my bike, back then a 350 twin. The mongrel cop
booked me knowing full well it was the other drivers fault. I took it to court,
defended myself and won. That arsehole Capri driver still owes me for pain,
suffering, days off work and the cost of repairs.

I don't take sides.
It's more fun to insult everyone.
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> If I can post a pic of the Denning bus (Thunder) on the net it shouldn't
> be too hard for OZ to upload a few pics of his *dream machines* ;-)

It wouldn't be if he'd actually *done* any of what he claims :)


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> Meanwhile.. back at the XP, Nod adds more bog summoning the nanocreatures
> from
> the depths.. but we went for a Saturday drive and the other day, gee I
> went for
> the usual trouble free ride :-)

There's no such association as "trouble free" and Mercedes Benz" when you're
talking about old shitfighters Al, and something tells me you're going to
learn all about that one day :)


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Jason James wrote:
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>> news:h7sjio$7if$1(a)
>>> As it was a road car I simply can't see anyone running twin dhoe'S on the
>>> street as a single weber was enough fun with car mods to make it fit
>> I ran twin DCOE Webers on a couple of road going Mini's (or the same
>> system on a couple of different cars to be more precise) simply because
>> the engines were in such a state of tune that they benefitted from them
>> compared to a single one. It was no different to any other mod like
>> fitting a larger turbo or a bigger cam. It made more power with the twin
>> carbs than it did with a single, and it did so mainly due to the better
>> manifolding.
>> Making a single Weber work on a Mini engine is hard work due mainly to the
>> limitations of the inleft manifolds. The necessary bends and curves of the
>> various manifolds make feeding a siamesed inlet port a difficult task in
>> terms of even fuel distrubution and burning across all the cylinders.
>> Using twin carbs didn't give you a poofteenth extra in terms of airflow as
>> you were still only using the same amount of venturii (and of the exact
>> same size), but you had a "straight shot" into the port with the air/fuel
>> mix that promoted better distribution and ultimately more even cylinder
>> firing. Essentially, you eliminated the problem of the engine running
>> "fat" on 1 and 4, and lean on 2 and 3 as a great many single carb versions
>> did.
>> In the days when I used to mess around with Mini's I reckon I knew maybe 4
>> or 5 blokes who had similar systems on road going Mini engines, and
>> there's one who lives not far from me who I haven't seen in some time but
>> I would expect that if I popped into his place today there'd be a road
>> going Mini so equipped parked in his garage.
>>> so no matter who ran it on the track a simple yes or no it would pass a
>>> roadworthy or police inspection will suffice
>> On such a car (mid 1960's Mini) twin Webers would be perfectly legal as
>> they're not subject to modern day emissions laws and there's no particular
>> regulations that limit the amount of carburettors you're allowed to run.
>> So, the short answer would be Yes, it's perfectly legal.
> This is a lame "me too" for the not so financial, at the time. The Hillman
> Californian ran a Zenith POS which used to warp its base admitting
> air,..instead of scraping it on the cement path, I tried a grey motor
> Stromberg.
it was not the base of the Zenith that warped....rather the mating
surfaces between the halves...the cure was *not* "scraping it on the
cement path"(really?) you used plate glass and fine emery paper
(oiled)... it`s a wonder yer vehicles run at *all* you butchering

It had the same 2 bolt spacing, and the engine seemed to like it.
> No rejetting of course (what was that?). It did tack on 8 mph to the 1390cc
> top speed of 72 mph :-) and dropped a couple of MPG Had to use a red-motor
> airfilter,..the oil-bath unit was a bit too tall.
> Jason

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