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> i did?...hardly, i have just watched the tooing and froing in here....

Uh-huh :)


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> Mad scramble occurring as Oz trawls the web for photo of racing mini with
> obscured numbers and no sponsors logos on board. Photoshop to the rescue.

Lol :)

It's sure to be "interesting" :)


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>> Permission to speak not granted?
> Speak all you want. I just wondered why your opinion was suddenly
> relevant.

My opinion is every bit as relevant as your opinion.

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> My opinion is every bit as relevant as your opinion.

Yeah, okay. I wasn't saying it *wasn't*. I was just wondering why you
suddenly felt it necessary to chip in after showing no interest in the
thread prior to that.

It doesn't matter.


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>Thank you for the information. The car as I stated has been checked by a
>mechanic and he agreed with the suggestion that it needed better leads
>which have been ordered. The plugs had been replaced and are in working
>order. The situation is that the leads are not up to scratch. I'm not
>rubbishing what he said just stating that it was not correct and
>replacing the plugs would not have solved the problem. The issue is that
>Ozone did not offer anything more than change the plugs. Others made the
>suggestion that it would be in the ignition system and to check the
>distributor, leads, and timing.

Soooo...I say change the plugs...It happens supposedly to be the

Isn't about time you dumped on those who wanted you to check diddy and

BTW, when were the plugs changed?
Has the problem been rectified?

Why does it need "better leads" if they were sufficient in the past,
surely just replacing them is sufficient!

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