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> True, but I was about 120 posts behind, so I missed it! Do you think he
> might consider that maybe *two* people saying the same thing means it
> *could* be worth investigating? No?

No, I don't.

Something could be staring him right in the face with 100 people pointing it
out and saying it's "x", and he'd say it's "y" simply because he's missing
the gene necessary to agree with anyone.

> BTW, round nose Minis with cross flow heads almost always had a box on the
> leading edge, or else when you hit more than three mossies at once you
> couldn't get the bloody bonnet open (and it meant you can also fit *some*
> sort of filters.)

Lol :)

> I still really miss one particular really well sorted 1100 Clubman. We had
> three years worth of fun playing ducks and drakes between it, 2 MkII
> Coopers, plus a rather evil Minivan that one of my best mates owned,
> anywhere from outer Western Sydney to the Central Coast.

*Great* cars.

I've had two Mk.II's and a Mk.I as well as a Clubman 1275LS, a couple of
"street hotties", a couple of vans and a few other "standard" old dungers
and I loved the lot of them. They're just such a *fun* car despite their
foibles, and I'd still love to have one today.

I must have had my last one over 20 years ago now, but I'd *happily* add a
nice Cooper S to my short list of cars I'd like to own one more time before
I die.

> Ah, the joys of roll starting down a steep driveway and driving from Buff
> Point (near Budgewoi) to Parramatta in 1981 on a long weekend Sunday
> afternoon entirely in 4th gear after 2nd exploded on the way up and sort
> of locked things up a bit! Not many cars post 1920 produce maximum torque
> between 1000 & 1500rpm, but most base A & B series motors did. Oh yeah,
> and the pushrod Renaults...

I'll take your word on the Renault thing :)


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> > Well have you considered that a hone leaves behind similar abrasives in
> > cast
> > iron bores?
> Not if you clean them properly after you're done they don't.
> > Most so called mechanics I've seen in action try to clean the bores with
> > petrol
> > or kero, totally wrong thing to do. Of course you and I know how cleaning
> > should
> > be done properly and maybe poor old Noddy, the horribly disfigured one,
> > does
> > too.
> I don't know what you guys do, but the best way I've found to clean engine
> parts prior to assembly is by sticking them in the hot tank and giving them
> a good bath followed by a wash down with high pressure water. If I'm doing
> an engine at home, I use a high pressure water blaster with hot water & soap
> to clean a block prior to assembly, and I wipe the bores clean with toilet
> paper. The more absorbant the paper the better, and I keep wiping until the
> paper comes out clean.
> That method has never caused me any problems.
> --
> Regards,
> Noddy.

Yes but do you scrunch or fold? :)

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:True, but I was about 120 posts behind,

Must be the longest thread this year on this group?

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> Yes but do you scrunch or fold? :)

I fold on the engine blocks, but scrunch on the coit :)


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> I'm game too. Shouts beer...

Done deal :)

See? People *can* kiss and make up in this group :)