From: His Highness the TibetanMonkey, Creator of the Movement of Tantra-Hammock on
I think it all depends on the kind of dog we are talking about. A
pedigree dog will be valued higher than you, but a mongrel would be
worth about the same.

The pedigree of the cyclist is mostly irrelevant.

Maybe we can send many drivers to this school...

"Welcome to Pride and Pedigree"

Committed to your dog’s higher education since 2006

Our structured environment gives your dog the feeling of security that
comes from socializing and learning within a family dynamic. As
Certified Dog Trainers, we recognize the importance of positive
reinforcement, balanced training and consistency. Our Handling and
Care philosophy includes the application of Training Methods that
complement the life skills and polite behavior you are practicing at

We utilize natural products for your dog’s well being. Our safety
record is impeccable and our play groups are small and well
We provide specialized daycare for puppies in our Puppy Head Start
Program,as well as care for dogs with special medical needs. Never
overbooked, never too busy to give each dog the intensive attention we
are known for.

Come see why we are a 5 star facility and how we have earned our
stellar reputation.

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