From: Hunter on
On 5/06/2010 6:42 AM, |-|ercules wrote:
> Do women sleep with their mouths open?
> Or are their jaw muscles atrophied so their mouths can't close?
> Apparently Bruce Lee kicked so fast they used high frame rate cameras
> and slowed down
> his kicks for movies. I wonder if an 80 frames per second camera could
> capture a woman
> with her mouth closed between verbal essays? Could be worth more than
> pictures of lightning!
> A guy just walked by the river with an Australian flag with the wording
> "If you don't love
> Australia leave!". I love Australia, I hate Australians.

I get the impression that you get laughed at by women a lot.

From: Dingo on
On Mon, 7 Jun 2010 13:59:29 +1000, "|-|ercules" <radgray123(a)>

>they want, go to shopping centers 9 - 5 buying sh1t like turnip slicers.....

Just don't let a woman with a slicer anywhere near your tiny little
turnip and you'll be safe.....