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baggy1963 (baggy1963 <stephenb91(a)>) gurgled happily, sounding
much like they were saying:

> Perhaps I'm using an older version of Google Earth!

Why would ANY version give such an utterly pointless level of "precision"?

14dp of latitude in the UK is roughly to the nearest tenth of a micron.
Do Google Earth's satellite images give enough detail to make that a
useful level of "precision"?

Even 10dp is to the nearest millimetre. Photos accurate enough? No.

5dp is to the nearest 10 metres. I'd suggest that's probably good enough
to locate a motorway signpost, wouldn't you?
From: baggy1963 on
I have never lied on this Group Mr Firth how dare you say I have.

Mr Firth said

"if you want to waste someone's time and taxpayers' money."

What about those who miss the sign and end up travelling East instead
of West?

Do HA officers travelling East on the M62 never have to turn round at
Junction 24?

From: baggy1963 on
How about re-cycling the sign before it is stolen for scrap?
From: baggy1963 on
Won't the sign have to be replaced (and illuminated) to improve the
Euro-NRap safety rating?

A streetlight failed Yesterday where I live the Local Council Highways
Department have been already.
From: baggy1963 on
Mr Firth said

"How many times do you need to be told? You lied when you claimed that
position quoted to 14 decimal places was obtained from Google Earth."

Gor Blimey said

"Try saving a placemark from Google Earth then look at the XML

You'll see the Lat/Long co-ordinates stored to 14 DPs. The actual
of lat/long seems to vary with the version of GE client.

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