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> I'm working on a proposal in that direction. It should be an industry
> run scheme (Engineers Australia managing a register of approved persons,
> with membership of IEAust, SAE-A or IAME plus appropriate experience
> being the requirement), complete with peer review dispute resolution (ie
> other engineers not personally acquainted with partes to a dispute would
> carry out review) rather than state bureaucrats who often don't
> understand the complexities involved.
> Such a scheme would be designed to be operated in parallel with existing
> state based schemes, but to be accepted in every state and territory, so
> that it could be phased in alongside the existing ones and, once the
> existing scheme members have transferred, the existing ones would be
> closed down.

We can only hope that your dream becomes a reality.


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: > The requirement is that any vehicle where the engineering certificate
: > describes the engine as "Modified" must have the upgraded safety equipment
: > prescribed, which includes seatbelts for all seating positions, as above.
: >
: > That has been the case since 1994.
: Thought as much.
: > 1993. Explains it all. A few months later and it wouldn't have passed in
: > that configuration.
: Which presumably means it won't pass here now like it, even though it's been
: registered interstate like that before as it hasn't been registered for
: around 7 years now.
: > I vaguely remember something along those lines. Given that the RTA won't
: > even consider HK/T/G or HQ/J/X/Z as one "model" for the purpose of
: > determining the maximum engine capacity permitted, there's a fair chance
: > that the minor sheetmetal differences would be enough excuse to reject any
: > claim that they are the same basic vehicle. Worth a try, though. :-)
: Idiots :)
: The only version of that body that was different as far as I'm aware was the
: American convertible, as it had a large X frame under the floor to make up
: for the fact that it had no turret holding it all together. Cutting the lid
: off a standard coupe without doing something similar will see it resembling
: a "hammock" before too long :)
: > Well, that's fair. The Bendix Bishop variable ratio power steering box
: > was a great leap forward in 1971 when it was first put into HQs, but by XF
: > Falcon, it was getting a little old...
: It was. They're also next to impossible to keep an effective oil seal in
: place in the case of power assisted versions.
: > I've been doing to much with old Holdens. I was assuming that the early
: > box was only 2 bolts as per Holden to HR, and that when they added the
: > flexible joint, they also added the 3rd bolt.
: Unfortunately not.
: > Sounds like a box from something completely different would probably be a
: > better option if the sector shaft spline matched the early pitman arm.
: Once I get the house and new shed sorted I'm going to get back into the XP
: and get it finished before Ford Australia starts hounding me to sell the
: thing for their museum :)
: I *was* going to fit an early L-300 front end into the thing, but I've
: canned that idea now that the car will be going to the wife and I'll only be
: putting a small engine in it. One of the steering options I looked at
: briefly before putting the thing aside was a power steering rack out of a
: Hyundai Getz. A quick measurement suggested that it'd be about the right
: width to work in conjunction with the standard front end and hopefully not
: induce any bump steer, and it shouldn't be too difficult to make up some
: bracketry to support it. The Getz column also uses a couple of neat
: universals that would probably adapt well to something like an XY Column,
: and the pump and lines are fairly compact.
: I'll see how it works out at some future point anyway.
: --
: Regards,
: Noddy.
At least locating a cheap Excel to extract parts will be a cheap affair. ;o)

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: >
: > I dont use a browser to access this NG.
: >
: >
: What are you using then ?
: mind reading abilities ?

Outlook Express.

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> : > I dont use a browser to access this NG.
> : >
> : >
> : What are you using then ?
> : mind reading abilities ?
> Outlook Express.
so you do use a browser
a really shitty one but none the less