From: Speeders & Drunk Drivers Are Murderers on
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> On Jun 16, 11:49 am, "Criminal Drivers Murder 40,000 Americans a Year"
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> > All this "speeding is cool" stuff you see on TV is just paid
> > propaganda from the auto industry. They love crashes cause that means
> > more car sales. Speeders are psychopaths.
> > Lower the speed limit to 55 and have mandatory 1 year license
> > suspension for anyone doing over 70.  Let's stop coddling these
> > killers.
> > Criminal drivers are america's biggest problem.
> I can never understand why you blame on the wrong spot.  The reason people
> hit each others quite often has nothing to do with speed.  I drove over 70
> for 30 years now, no single accident, Why million of you driving at so slow
> speed 30-40mph hitting each other like crazy?
> Your accident is frequently caused by your poor driving skills, and your
> mis-understanding of a car limitation.  If you don't maintain your car well
> mechanically, then that's what you get for mistreating your car.