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> Conor wrote:
>> On 26/03/2010 12:13, Ret. wrote:
>>> Conor wrote:
>>>> On 24/03/2010 23:18, Ret. wrote:
>>>>> What if? What if? What if? This is really becoming very tiresome.
>>>>> What if your next door neighbour has a brain storm, kills his wife
>>>>> -but tells the police that you did it? We could go on all week
>>>>> coming up with What ifs...
>>>> Ask Jean Charles de Menezes about "what ifs". Oh wait, you can't and
>>>> why is that?
>>> I reckon you'll still be dragging this up in another 20 years time
>>> wont you? Things happen - what you ought to be grateful about is
>>> that they happen a lot less in the UK than they happen in most other
>>> countries.
>> So do road deaths, burglaries, murder, drug use etc Kev so why are you
>> saying there is a need for a national ANPR database?
> You do come up with some peculiar responses to posts don't you?
> Kev

I wonder whether the paranoid posters on here bite their toenails as
well as there fingernails?

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boltar2003(a) gurgled happily, sounding much like they were

>>The '70s were hardly a golden era in the history of this country - and
>>the utter devastation the union-dominated mess left many of those
>>industries in is what killed 'em.
>>You want to trace <say> the decline of the British motor industry, start
>>with Red Robbo and the British Playland of the Allegro & Marina, not
>>with Thatcher.

> We can watch the whole thing in action-reply today with the British
> Airways strikes. They might not take the whole airline down yet but
> they'll probably severly weaken it which will be its death in the long
> run. The blinkered tunnel vision mentality of the severely unionised
> beggers belief.


At least the rail system is partially protected from competition.
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Conor wrote:
> On 26/03/2010 14:10, Adrian wrote:
>> Conor<conor(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much like they were
>> saying:
>>> At least nine of these are in London. (There's one in Stamford but no
>>> indication as to which Stamford.)
>> There's only one, isn't there? Are you thinking of Stratford?
> There's the area around London referred to as Stamford.

Would that be Stamford Hill (North London)?

I've never heard it referred to as "Stamford".

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Conor wrote:
> On 26/03/2010 12:27, Ret. wrote:
>> Just do a Google on "ANPR successes" and then come back and say the
>> system is of no use.
> I just have. The first page of results is pretty much exclusively from
> police forces. Page 2 has more police forces, a home office website, a
> couple of local papers printing a story based on figures provided by
> the police.
> Interestingly, the rest of the websites in the first two pages raise
> concerns and show up failures.
>> They do however
>>> inconvenience lots of people due to errors in entries and in some
>>> cases, this has led to perfectly innocent people dying. In the
>>> meantime, there's always the worry that some civil servant will lose
>>> huge swathes of quite sensitive information.
>> So what's your answer? Go back to card indexes?
> Stop bullshitting people about what it can achieve.

There is a mass of evidence to show how effective it is proving to be - and
it is still in its infancy.


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On 26 Mar 2010 11:49:47 GMT, Adrian <toomany2cvs(a)> wrote:

>You still just don't get it, do you? Clue: It's not only about "somebody
>else seeing". If somebody malicious can get read access to a system, they
>can get write access.

Not necessarily. It's trivial to set up a read only system. Copy a
master system and only let it be viewed. Set up preset queries that
limit what information the user can get out of it. Here's a typical

The danger comes from the person who *does* have write privileges for
the master system.