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> Before you reply, please find a toy car and get down on the carpet... Push
> the top car along on its wheels, in the direction it is meant to travel.
> Now turn it sideways and see how much extra force is required to move it -
> its not the mass that is the problem here, its the additional and sudden
> increase in drag that is the problem.
Isn't there a slight difference in the resistance of a domestic carpet
compared to a wet high speed road surface?

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Conor <conor(a)> wrote:
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>> McKevvy<vicko_zoomba(a)> wrote:
>>>> Wouldn't the lorry driver feel some sort of immediate resistance,
>>>> especially as the car was being pushed sideways and thought "hello,
>>>> there's something wrong here"?
>>> No because trucks are designed and geared to overcome resistance. The
>>> amount of resistance offered by the car is negligable to say the
>>> least.
>> The amount of resistence offered by a traffic cone is miniscule but I
>> still noticed when one got stuck under my car a few years back.
>Because its a poxy car with 100lb/ft of torque at best.

Well mine has about 350 but thats beside the point. The noise of hitting the
cone and the scraping sound would have been a giveaway if I hadn't seen it
already (cone knocked over by another vehicle in roadworks , going to fast to
swerve , not an interesting tale).


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>>> - How come lorries can stop within 6 inches of my rear bumper at traffic
>>> lights then?
>> Because they don't. Get out and look next time. You'll find its a lot
>> further than 6 inches.
At traffic lights or road junction with a "Give Way" or "Stop" line, do you
stop when the white line is about to disappear from your view or do you pull
up so that the front of your vehicle is on the line? If the latter, how do
you know where to stop?

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> Because CTM and others

Sorry, I got the attribution wrong.

Make that "GT and others".

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>>> On Wed, 26 May 2010 14:44:26 +0100
>>> "Brimstone" <brimst...(a)> wrote:
>>> >You too would benefit from sitting a lorry's driving seat.
>>> I might not have ridden in a lorry but I've ridden in enough noisy buses
>>> in my time and you can still hear whats going on outside perfectly well.
>>> You'd certainly be able to hear squeeling tyres.
>>> B2003
>> The rain would have lessened the noise and smell from the car's tyres.
>Well the insensitive mobile phone microphone clearly picked it up from 2
>lanes away and from behind glass, so the noise wasn't lessened much!

Quite. If it can be picked up on a bloody mobile phone in another moving
vehicle 20 metres away it should have been heard quite easily by the numbskull
sitting 6 foot above it assuming he didn't have the Dixie Chicks cranked up to