From: Jessica Hill on
first shop said it could be cruise control down shift or needed a trans
rebuild $1800.

second shop (private transmission shop) found that it was the torque
converter. $1300. They said they went through entire transmission and
fixed what was needed.
They did not use the term rebuilt or remanufacture. But thats not the
same as a remanufactured transmission. $2500

neither shop was going to get a rebuilt transmission from NAPA or other
source. both said it would take 3 to 5 days to repair mine.

I have been told not to use AAMCO transmission.

Why did shops not want to get a rebuilt transmission?

The transmission shop i used was recommended by the NAPA manager and
others who had used it.

Was getting my trans fixed at a reputable trans shop the best choice?
As opposed to having a rebuilt one put in?

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