From: bob wald on
im about to order from there.but i feel uneasy..
it says some stuff might be used or off ebay i think.
is this opening a door for them to send you whatever they want/
i guess theres no warrentys also......
i think they also have a disclainer saying they aint resposible for

From: bob wald on
the stuffs from amazon not ebay...some at least.

From: bob wald on
!!!!!! i just found a pair of infinitys...6x9s!!!!!
$ $70!!!!!!!!! i might order 2 i think too!!!!!!!IM
THE KING!!!!! of car audio.....

From: bob wald on
im buying a touch screen head unit too!!!!!!$245!

From: bob wald on getting 3 subs!!!!! the best subs i think i ever seen.....$125
each...3000WATTS max!!!!!!!
made by the best sub maker....PIONEER!
n hooking them to HIFONICSSSSS!
all this stuff half price!
what is it with this place i found......
hope none of you so called pros never cross
im putting together the best system i ever toughtid own..n i aint spent
$1200, yet.....
looking like itll be around $1500 when im done..not going video.