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>> Why would I care HOW the thing works as long as somebody can tell me
>> WHAT it does?
> Well Mr. Hearing Aid Expert, these are advertised features of your
> aids but it looks like you have no idea WHAT it does or that they even
> exist. No matter, these are not electronic or audiological terms but
> marketing terms and therefore not very illuminating or useful. The
> person that programmed the aids won't be able to explain how or
> exactly what it does because the manufactures don't give out that
> information. Please let me know if I've said anything that isn't true.

Your penultimate sentence as quoted above. Not only is it untrue, it is
very silly.

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>>>>> 1) buying a car from a reputable and successful automaker that is
>>>>> not currently owned by a union or a government, and
>>>> Is there such a thing?
>>> Honda and Toyota, for two...
>> Dunno about Honda, but check out Japanese government investment in
>> Toyota. Also MITI ties to both.... the Japanese have figured out how
>> to do it right at least.
> I can't find anything much outside of Toyota getting a $2 billion loan.
> That is not "investment". Compare that with the explicit ownership of GM by
> the US and the unions.
> As for "MITI ties", those ties have often been detrimental. Soichiro Honda
> openly and controversially defied MITI's directives when he decided to
> start building cars. Had he complied, I wouldn't be drivig an Integra right
> now.

There's a downside here?