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On 13/04/2010 5:43 PM, Atheist Chaplain wrote:
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>> On 13/04/2010 9:50 AM, George W Frost wrote:
>>> This probably has been on before by I haven't seen it till today.
>>> It basically shows you what to do when your cruise control sticks or the
>>> throttle sticks and you can't stop.
>>> just like the fairy in Melbourne a few weeks ago.
>>> NEY, thought it was too good not to pass on, even if it has been seen
>>> before.
>>> The driver and cars are in the USA, but should work just as well here
>>> in OZ
>> A good report - I guess for most drivers, the solution given would
>> have been considered. A must see for every Toyota driver :(
> the solution is buy a German car :-)

That way you only get locked inside the car.