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On 04/01/10 10:37, C. E. White wrote:
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>> The question is why are there so many zealots on the internet that
>> feel
>> it is their mission in life to convince other motorists that it is
>> good
>> to be driving around with black oil in their engines? What sort of
>> belief system drives a person to go around trying to convert others
>> to
>> black engine oil?
> While eveyone should make their own decisions on this, I can think of
> a few "reasonable" reasons why it is useful to at least let people
> know 3000 mile oil changes are not usually beneficial:
> 1) To counteract the constant din from compnies like Jiffy-Lube that
> have brainwashed gnerations of people into thinking you must change
> your oil every 3000 miles.
> 2) To make people aware that cars and oils are much better than was
> the case when their Fathers used to change their oil.
> 3) Becasue some people are concerned about the environement and don't
> like seeing all that perfectly good oil being drained from engines.
> 4) Just becasue we want people to know the facts so they can make an
> informed decision.

This sounds thoughtful --- LET'S KILL HIM!!! :)
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On 03/30/10 21:05, ACAR wrote:
> On Mar 30, 10:17 am, jim beam<m...(a)> wrote:
> snip
>> when i posted this - i was thinking of the people that do what their
>> granddaddy did,
> well, he "changed" oil by adding when it was a quart or two low.
>> even though combustion technology, fuels, oils and
>> engine metallurgy are dramatically different these days. i was hoping
>> to enlighten, but i guess i'd forgotten just how rigidly proud some
>> people are of their ignorance and ability to keep their head stuck
>> firmly in that sand.
> enlighten?
> Jim, you never enlighten, you issue directives.
>> next time you get sick, doubtless you're going to resort to burning
>> camphor and bread poultices. those "doctor" people and their
>> new-fangled "technology" and "drugs" clearly don't know what they're doing.
> generally, drug researchers don't make unqualified long term claims
> based on short term tests.

Hoo, boy, where'd you get THAT?

I have a bridge you'll love!

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On 03/31/10 09:43, jim beam wrote:
> On 03/31/2010 05:33 AM, Mark wrote:
>> On Mar 30, 11:15�am, jim beam<m...(a)> wrote:
>>>> Does that really matter?
>>> of course not. �the percentage difference it makes is vanishingly small.
>>> � and that's not including the fact that some engines have oil
>>> deliberately pooled in locations that don't drain - to protect cam
>>> shafts for instance. �new oil simply dilutes - unless the engine is
>>> completely stripped and cleaned, it's never a complete "change".
> <fixed top posting>
> > If there are other pools of oil in the engine, why doesn't the oil
> > turn dark right away? What is the percentage difference between 5%
> > old oil left and 1%? Think it's 4%?
> >
> >
> like i said - dilution.

Dilution with what? <serious question, not trying to be snarky>
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On 03/31/10 15:40, Obveeus wrote:
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> On Mar 30, 5:55 pm, "Bob Jones"<em...(a)me.not> wrote:
>>> Most people drive in severe conditions.
>> -- For my 2003 Civic in severe conditions, the interval then becomes
>> 5k miles or six months.
>> -- I would have to see a citation to believe that most people drive in
>> severe conditions. I think Jim B is right that "normal" is a word that
>> Honda chose for its manuals with careful consideration.
> I have seen 'severe conditions' described as 'lots of stop and go traffic'.
> If that is the definition, then yes, most people drive under severe
> conditions.

Not to me, I take 'lots of stop and go traffic' to be like driving a cab
in NYC. I have never driven a car like that and don't know anyone who
has. I'm also curious which latitudes one has to live in to drive
consistently > 90F or below freezing. I never pull a trailer nor do I
ever go off road.
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On Thu, 01 Apr 2010 06:37:40 -0700, jim beam <me(a)> wrote:

>On 04/01/2010 04:38 AM, Observer wrote:
>> On Mon, 29 Mar 2010 17:41:36 -0700, jim beam<me(a)> wrote:
>>> shock, horror, they used oil analysis to arrive at these recommendations!
>> I'm one of those guys who believes in 3000 mile intervals because it
>> has always worked for me.
>i keep garlic in my refrigerator because it stops elephants from
>standing in the butter. because it has always worked for me.

As I said, if it works for you, do it. Does it matter what others